Winter Soup with Shrimp and Mushrooms and Chinese Cabbage Soup

Winter Soup with Shrimp and Mushrooms and Chinese Cabbage Soup

Although there are many soups and stews in winter, it is also good to drink some refreshing roll soup to change the taste.

Chinese cabbage is the best vegetable in winter.

Today, shrimp and shiitake are paired with Chinese cabbage. Chinese cabbage absorbs the flavor of shrimp and shiitake and is more delicious.

  Material: Chinese cabbage: 300 g shrimps: 15 g shiitake (dried): 4 ginger: 2 slices of water: 5 bowls 3?
For 4 people: 1.

Soak the mushrooms in clean water, remove the black part of the pedicle, and slice;

Wash the shrimps and soak them in water. Wash the Chinese cabbage and cut into strips. 3.

Add oil to a hot pan, stir fry the shrimps until the aroma comes out, and fry the mushrooms evenly; 4.

Add 5 bowls of water, cover and boil, cook over medium heat for 10 minutes, cook Chinese cabbage, and season with salt.

  Efficacy: moisturizing the lungs and intestines, nourishing yin and kidney.

  ● Gourmet Science Hall Shrimp Shrimp is the fresh shrimp meat, dried, also known as sea rice, golden hook and so on.

The name of the golden hook is the most wonderful, the shape and color are all internal, and it sounds like a valuable person.

Indeed, the authentic “golden hook” used to be the first-class wild shrimp from Chaozhou has now been transformed into farmed shrimp.

  In fact, boiled Chinese cabbage with shrimp is a well-known dish called “Kaiyang cabbage”, but why Shanghai people call it Kaiyang is unknown.

The shrimp tastes very fresh and sweet. It is naturally wonderful for cooking Chinese cabbage, winter melon, and zucchini.

Shrimp is also good for appetizers. Use oil to smelt, just add some sugar.

Or grind them with peppers and then explode them with oil, which is Nanyang’s famous “Malaycai”.

It can also be used to make porridge.

  The nutritional content of shrimp is very high, Chinese medicine believes that it has the effects of nourishing kidney and strengthening yang, regulating qi and appetizing.

Modern medical research indicates that the most nutritious component of shrimp is actually the red color on shrimp skin and shrimp, which contains astaxanthin, which is the strongest antioxidant found, but if the red component has faded, it means that astaxanthin has alreadyHas been oxidized.

However, inferior manufacturers will color the shrimps for good-looking. We must carefully identify the shrimps that are not pigmented, although the skin is reddish, but the meat inside is yellow and white. The pigmented shrimps and skins are allRed.

  ● Liangtangxinshui has fried shrimp and shiitake mushrooms, and the soup becomes milky and tastes more delicious.