Feel Elliott on the other end of the phone·Richardson’s hesitation,Chen Geng thinks the heat is almost there,The tone followed:“Lord General,We have to look forward,After that, Huaxia also plans to purchase gas turbines from the United States、fighter……There will be more opportunities to make money in the future,You say yes?”

Under the premise that Chen Geng’s attitude is so tough,I think that in the future there will still be opportunities to stalk wool from Huaxia,Elliott·Richardson simply went down the donkey:“you are right,We will have many opportunities for cooperation in the future……”
“of course。”The corners of Chen Geng’s mouth are slightly raised。
“Mr. Chen,Mr. Chen,”Li Jianguo rushed over to thank Chen Geng:“Mr. Jottson just came to tell us,Said he could persuade the Pentagon,Reduce the unit price to300Less than ten thousand dollars……Thank you!”
Unit price800Ten thousand dollars down to300Ten thousand U.S. dollars,And there are talks,Li Jianguo’s mood was as ups and downs as riding a roller coaster,he knows,If it wasn’t for Chen Geng,It’s impossible for things to turn around so quickly this time。
“you are welcome,”Chen Geng is also in a good mood,He smiled and said:“I tell you,There is still a lot of room for bargaining at this price,You can rest assured and boldly cut the knife,Don’t be polite to him……Ok,Call me if you have any questions in the future,you are welcome。”
Li Jianguo nodded heavily。
After this,The whole delegation was completely convinced by Chen Geng,Not to mention that Chen Geng is China’s general counsel,Even if there is no such a relationship,They won’t be polite to Chen Geng——Every penny saved,But all precious foreign exchange。
“Mr. Chen,I want to trouble you……”
Looking at Chen Geng,Li Jianguo is very embarrassed,He knows,According to Chen Geng’s normal arrangement,He will fly back to Detroit tonight。
Chen Geng frowned slightly,Immediately stretched out again:“You said。”
“Do you think we have introduced‘Aerial crane’Technical possibilities?”Although there is no one around,But Li Jianguo still lowered his voice subconsciously。