Shen Hongtao nodded in agreement,“If I didn’t think of sister’s teaching,We all want to take it,So sister won’t be so tired。”

The two children poke her tears,Willow circles are red,They grew up in the orphanage are more sensitive than ordinary children,Very sensible at a young age,Very distressing。
Her father is rich,But not her father,Unwelcome illegitimate daughter,Every penny spent is earned by myself,Fatherly love to her,Long gone。
Mom’s conditions are very average,After grandma left,Grandpa found another woman,After giving birth to a son,Show ugly face,I really look down on the children left by my ex-wife,I don’t usually treat harshly,After mom was admitted to college,Only gave one year of tuition,Almost no living expenses,It’s cut off。
The lonely little girl is greedy for the little warmth from her father,Unmarried pregnancy,A man still has a family,Let the stepmother grab the handle,Completely thrown out。
The name of the vixen is empty,Mother who doesn’t have the vixen method,Live in a high-end apartment,Seemingly extravagant but living a hard life,Aunt’s monthly living allowance is not enough for food and drink,Let alone deposits,To feed her,You have to work secretly。
A rainy night six years ago,She had a car accident after school,Comminuted fracture of lower leg,The scar on the face is almost disfigured,Need a lot of money for treatment,Father abandoned them at this time。
Chapter Thirty Five Correctly guide
Mom sold the apartment,She was able to continue treatment,The high medical and rehabilitation expenses,And the post-surgery fee,I ran out of money to sell the apartment。
They can’t even rent a house in an ordinary community,Can only move to live in shanty towns to be demolished,Mom no longer secretly does hourly work,Hard money day and night,Hard life,But it is more comfortable than ever。
Willow growing up in a cold face,Childhood ignorant,Arguing for dad,Secretly ran to the Lu family mansion to find,After being ruthlessly driven by grandma,Never been。
After being completely abandoned by the Lu family,She moved from a private aristocratic school to a public high school,Rely on its own excellence,Curriculum will be added soon,One semester later,Ranked first in the grade ranking,Started back to the old business。
Dad stopped giving her pocket money long ago,I’m not allowed to give it to my mother,She is so arrogant that she won’t bend her waist for five buckets of rice,Don’t give, don’t give,She can earn!
A major feature of private schools is that there are many rich people,There are also many lazy students,Yangliu does homework for them to earn pocket money,Fully self-sufficient,Lu Jinning’s economic blockade does not work at all,It also made the precarious father-daughter relationship worse。
Yangliu used to take care of his mood,After transferring to a public high school,Just give money,Help write anyone’s homework,Can not only subsidize the household,You can also take the opportunity to review,Kill two birds with one stone,Not too good。
When going to the orphanage to volunteer during the holidays,Met these three children,Attracted by their optimistic and cheerful spirit,Gradually get acquainted。
At the beginning,She just doesn’t know what her free time is for,Instead of fighting with those hypocritical classmates who are irritating and laughing,It’s better to go to the orphanage to take care of the pure-minded orphan。
Those who come here to help are really caring people,On them,Yangliu feels that human nature is still beautiful,Compared with these unfortunate children,Difficulties and setbacks,Really nothing,I really understand what is impermanent in life。