Or it is,Who made her Lin Yoona’s affection for Xiao Fan so deep?!

so,It’s almost a few seconds,Lin Yuner’s face couldn’t be stretched anymore。
and,Not only my face can’t be stretched,The look directly came to a big turn of 180 degrees,The foot is like the wind on the bottom of the foot,Three steps directly and two steps to Xiao Fan。
“alright,Am I kidding you?Why are you so serious?”Lin Yuner hugged Xiao Fan’s waist,Raised a small face and said to Xiao Fan。
“Humph!Yoona,You know how much I care about you,You even talked to me like that,Didn’t you mean to hurt my heart?”Xiao Fan didn’t know when to start,I’m also following Lin Yoona,I just learned the appearance of a little girl。
“No,I really didn’t mean it,Xiao Fan,You don’t even have the heart to make a joke with me, right?!”Even though Lin Yuna said she was worried,,But he still looks like he will not admit defeat。
“Is not,Yoona,How can this kind of thing be easily joked like this??You don’t see what I look like now,If your parents come up soon,……”
Xiao Fan deliberately didn’t finish the sentence,and,His eyes are directly in the direction below。
As an old husband and wife for so many years,How could Lin Yuner not understand the meaning of Xiao Fan’s words?!
and so,follow closely,Lin Yun’er’s face flushed,It’s horribly hot,so,Lin Yoona really directly bowed her head in shame。
“you.What are you talking about?My parents are still there?”Lin Yuner whispered。
“What did i say,I didn’t say anything!”Xiao Fan said this deliberately。
Lin Yoona raised her head,Gave Xiao Fan a sullen look,Always what she wants to say now,There is no way to say it,Although she doesn’t want to admit it,but,She has to admit,When Xiao Fan just now,Except for just bowing your head,But nothing said。