Step on the railing,Ragon jumped high,There is no feeling of falling into the wind with one enemy three momentum。

Muffled,Ragon fell from the sky,After Long Shi and the others landed,It also formed an enveloping formation instantly,Enclose Lagon。
“Anger really gives strength?If Long Ba and Long Jiu had your current skills,Not so miserable!”
The smile on Lagon’s face completely ignited Long Shi and their anger,Rush to Lagong together。
Sideways escaped Long Shi’s punch,Then he avoided Long Liu’s elbow,Then Lagon punched Long Wu’s body。
“The three of you won’t be so capable?Then too disappointing!”
I moved my sore shoulder that was beaten by Long Liu,When Lagong turned and looked at Long Shi and the three of them,There is still contempt on his face。
Dragon Five and Dragon Six cooperate with Dragon Ten,Still surrounds Ragon。
“Ten minutes left!”
Long Liu reminded,After that, the three men attacked Ragon again。
Long Shi is still the leader,It’s just that this time she didn’t just pass by Lagon,While blocking the sight of Lagong with his body,Long Shi also used his body to block more damage。
When Long Shi was thrown away by Lagong,Long Liu has come under Lagong,A jab forced Ragon to get up,Long Wu also took advantage of this opportunity to directly push the tiger-tooth dagger in his hand towards Lagong.。
Continuous retreat,Ragon pulled the distance between himself and Huya Dagger,Just didn’t expect,Long Shi, who was thrown away by himself before, was killed again,Block one’s retreat,Rajon can only choose other directions to avoid dodge。
One foot on the mast,Ragon returned to the position of the main cab after several jumps。
Without any hesitation,Draw the gun from the samurai’s body and shoot at the three of Long Shi,Several lights lit up,Long Shi and the others also found the bunker and shot back。
Lagon hides behind the fence to replace the bullets,Feel the pain in the shoulder and calf,Lagon admitted for the first time that he was a big brother!