These five models undergoing blood tests with new technology,All ages,All my faces are filled with happy and beautiful smiles,Very infectious。

“Currently,Our hope blood test technology,Patent pending in the United States,Create application scenarios,And in relatively backward Asia,More people need this technology。This time my team and I are here,Is to promote this technology in Asia,Looking for a cooperative agent。”
“of course,Our selection of agency partners,Also very strict,The conditions are quite harsh,Because only the best companies,To join us,Join in the construction of human health。”
Elizabeth speaks very slowly,Seems very sincere,And it doesn’t sound very urgent。
Hear here,Most of the businessmen present can’t help but prick their ears,Because the next content is very important to them。
Mastered new technology,Means to grasp the development trend of the times,Just like the later Rebs said,“Standing on the vent,Even pigs fly”!
The businessman’s keen sense of smell told them,Even if you only have the opportunity to be exposed to this new technology that can change the world,It is possible to be one step ahead,Extend more application scenarios,Open up huge business opportunities related to their respective industries。
“here,I am honored to introduce you to a young talent,He is our partner in China,Is also a close friend with me,To aid blood test technology
Research and development,He donated US$4.7 billion to Hope Technology Corporation。”
When Elizabeth said this,Tens of thousands of people in the audience first gave out a blockbuster exclamation,Then he was full of disbelief。
This news is really amazing!Four billion dollars in donations?And it was donated by a Chinese entrepreneur?
To know,Four billion dollars in cash flow,Enough to kill all the assets of most Korean companies present,Only Samsung、Only the assets of group companies such as Hyundai and Daewoo can match them。