Watch vibration,‘Jackdaw’Replied to the message,Said he was heading for the cave,Wanwang, be careful。Li Tianchou informed the opponent that there are armed forces in the valley,And described the weirdness in the dense forest after passing through the valley。

after that,Li Tianchou tries his best to relax and move his body,Especially the right arm and side ribs that have just recovered,Force yourself into a state of war as soon as possible。
suddenly,There is the sound of wire strings outside,A small standing wooden slat on the inside of the hole turned to,Li Tianchou knew this meant that someone or an animal approached the entrance of the cave and stepped on the wire,He quickly put away the canvas bag,Line up three daggers,The figure flashed on the side of the cave wall。
But there was no movement after that noise,Li Tianchou is not good to look outside the cave,Just guess,Since there are predators,Wild animals are unlikely to move around,Most of them are militants tracking their mountain forest base。
Shout,An unknown object flew in from outside the cave,Croaked a few times,Circling on the ground,About half the size of a flashlight,Sneer and smoke。
Li Tianchou’s eyes widened,Startled in a cold sweat,Thought it was*,Almost flew out from the hole,The result is a*,He quickly put on another gas mask that was not removed on his face,Regardless of the presence of toxic gas,It is important to protect the eyes and nose first。
The whereabouts are naturally completely exposed,I don’t know how many people came out of the cave,But if you can’t quickly deal with the opponent outside,The opponent’s horses and horses will come together like flies,Li Tianchou suddenly fell into a predicament,Now,Only static braking,Watch the changes。
Chapter five hundred and fourteen new plan
*A bit similar to that used by domestic policeRS97type,Looks like a fake,Even so,The small cave was instantly filled with smoke。Fortunately, a gas mask was reserved,Otherwise, Li Tianchou will burst into tears if he can’t support it for ten seconds,Obstructive transient blindness。
There are three followers outside,Full body black,Wear a mask,Facing the cave, this unexpected discovery is naturally very exciting。One of the leaders is quite brainy,He quickly contacted his distant colleagues,Then greet your companion to hide,Hold the gun and aim at the hole,Quiet observation。
But very unexpectedly,Except for the thick smoke in the cave,No sound,Even a mouse will be squeaked?The leader is a bit unbearable,He forgot,Since there were predators in the forest,There is basically no room for wild animals to survive。
Seeing smoke escaping from the cave,There is still no movement inside,The leader wondered,There are obvious signs of human presence in the cave,From the lodging state of vegetation and the setting of organs,All very obvious,Could it be already dead inside?
Waited another moment,The leader can’t hold his breath,Motion to one of the companions to approach the hole。This person is helpless,Crawling from the side tremblingly,I cautiously stretched my head and looked at it for a long time and didn’t see anything,The smoke inside is still too big,Almost no visibility。
This result makes the leader very dissatisfied,He gesticulated again for his companion to come closer,Even go directly into the hole,A half-dead person was so smoked,I’m probably out of breath,If it wasn’t for the legend that the other party killed‘Archangel’,He won’t be so cautious。
The companion is afraid,But under the threat of the opponent’s barrel,Can only bite the bullet,After doing enough preparations, I slowly got into the cave。
Seeing the companion leaned in, it seemed okay,The leader and another accomplice finally breathed a sigh of relief,Gesturing to each other,Ready to encircle slowly。
But the two of them relaxed while holding the guns tightly,I saw a sudden thick smoke rolling at the entrance of the cave,The companion who just entered actually backed out and came out,Bizarre swing of feet,Doesn’t seem to be on the ground。
The leader is finally alert,It’s too late when I prepare to raise the muzzle,His position is right in front of the hole,A shimmering dagger flew out for no reason,Impartially thrust into his throat。
The sudden change shocked another accomplice,Hurriedly picked up the spear and pulled the trigger,Such random shooting naturally cannot hurt Li Tianchou behind the human shield,At best, it’s just a warning to other friends around。
The same dagger stuck in the throat of this partner,This wasteful person reacted fast enough,Before he died, he fired another shot。