Although Zi Miaozhu also knows that many times it is wishful thinking,But even wishful thinking,She also needs to understand where she lost!

This woman,Why……
Wind rises,Veil shaking,At this time, Zi Miaozhu saw her somewhat side face。
so beautiful。
How can a girl look so beautiful。
It turns out that this woman just leans on a bit of beauty……Ok,Peerless beauty,Bewitched my brother!
Can be with my brother,You can’t just rely on this appearance,No arrogance,No brilliant wisdom,Still unworthy of brother,Brother is a sword repairer to the extreme,No one can beat the road to Jane、Reincarnation of the Holy Spirit!
“Brother said you are a mortal in his team,Then let me learn your skills,See if you are qualified to stay by his side!”Master Jianzong Zi Miaozhu said。
Nan Lingsha didn’t understand what this crazy woman was talking about。
She has no intention of fighting at all,Just staring at the night scenery of Yaoshan Mountain Villa。
But suddenly her side,Chill out,Obviously there is only one sword flying,But it’s like a huge iceberg is collapsing from the sky,That majestic horror,Let the disciples around who watch the excitement step away!
Nan Lingsha felt the strong hostility of the other party,So backhanded,Draw a Tai Chi mirror smoothly and quickly in the air!
One stroke,I saw the ink Tai Chi spread out,Become as huge as the giant stone Bagua platform under your feet,As if someone erected this stone platform。
Ink spread,But with invisible strength,Cut the iceberg sword in another section of Tai Chi painting。
All the disciples,Looking at the Tai Chi platform drawn in front of Nan Lingsha,It’s hard to imagine that the powerful offensive of Master Sword Sister was so easily blocked。