“you……I want to be with me.?”Mu Yuqing keeps cold look。

“kindness,When we arrive, we will go to the South Mountain.,See if you can bring a king girl?、Just just‘Phrase’Together。”Chu Deirers feel,Wang Yizhen should also return to Dali to see,At the time“Dali Princess”Muran。
Even if Li Qinglu is not willing,You can also check if you need to send Wang Yushan to Manda Mountain.,Naturally, there is final event!
Woody Qingqing……
Wooden Qingqing,Face change,Last bit bite、Little voice asked“You just hope,I am with the king girl.……getting along well?”
“it is good!I will so cool.!”Chu Deirers cheerfully。
Woody Qingqing???
Mu Yizhen’s brain,It took three seconds to react,Chu Deee is in the other side of Yue and the unexpected dispute……
“kindness?Gentle,What have you just?”
Chapter 155 Sword
Guanzhong and people around the surrounding,Reach,The Lushan School cannot be strong,Can only start from the jurisprudence of Yue Yue……
Sealing unequal people directly accused Yue Yue,Hempage,But there is no skill of teaching disciples,There is no trust of Huashan、Maintaining the right thing,What is the priest of Huashan。
Yue does not bite the year“Sword”,Gas has won,Victory or defeat、Nap,Now Jianzong’s people have to hold a head,Belong to the name、Unwaver delayed behavior。
But said it,These three people are really ready to,Asked to Yue Yue“May have a person”——Who can prove the argument of the sword,It is a great spirit.?Who can prove,How is it agreed??
Things have always around the dispute between Huashan sent his own sword,Natural other sent,Just look at the lively、Make a testimony,Will not halt。
Furthermore, it seems that it seems to be,In fact, it is not all reasonable.……
After all, the victory of the year,It is indeed a conspiracy trick,Put the strongest style of Jianzong。
Naturally, there is no one as a witness,Otherwise, the gas is not embarrassed to play this conspiracy.。
Let it go,Still turned back“Sword”superior——Jianzong demands reasser!
And this time you don’t have to worry about not witness,Lushan and other people are,Can be used as a testimony。
Yue does not want to make this step,After all, there is a damage.,Huashan School’s situation is even more,Also see the behavior of inequality——Now with the Little Mountain,To re-master Huashan,It’s not clear, even if they win.,Also do the attachment of the Shaishan School?
But people and people’s mood,Obviously unable to work……
Yue Yue is so angry that it is natural to naturally,However, in the blind eye,The gas relief is using a conspiracy trick.,Have you spent Huashan,They are insulted in the middle of the mountain for many years.,More than 20 years, you can’t forget、Refuse to open the mountain,It is to drive away from this chapter.,I am afraid that I will not hesitate to be in Lushan.!
“Amitabha,If you can pass a few more than a few games,Will this dispute into peaceful,It’s better to。”
Lushan School also learned to be smart this time,Called the Qing Down Temple,This old monk played the name of the mediation,Implement is darkly“Re-test”Direction with rhythm。
What do you want to say?,However, Shenshan is a first supplementary way.:“Or if any rivers and lakes,Ability to dispute for Huashan School,Make a certificate?It can be said in time.,Can also have a dispute again。”
I heard the mountains said that,There is no talk to the rushing machine.——What year,He is naturally uncommon,Can’t talk about。
“Since the brother said,Yuemou is in Huashan Anning,I have to promise,However, this time, many friends have witnessed,I hope that after the brother is defeated.,Don’t do anything to make Huashan mashed!”Yue does not see this,I have only promised to agree.。
But the meaning of the words,It’s all insecting the swordsman.。
“what!This is the false gentleman of your gas!”Unhappy。
Yue Yue is originally wanting to pick up,Can Jianzong three people,The head is not a personal force,It is also a gathering force、Teach disciples’ ability, etc.……
Finally under the rest of the Lushan,Strengthened the agreement of the three games。
“Jianzong is the three of my brothers.,I will come first.……I don’t know, but Mrs. Ning wants to enlighten me.?”I can’t say it in the past.。
Ningzhong is getting married,Huashan Women in the rivers and lakes,Therefore, everyone is respectful for respect,Be called more“Ning Mrs”,Instead of“Mrs. Yue”。
Jianzong’s three people also play bad eyes,One is to know the disciples who knows that there is no climate.,Only his lady Ningzhong,Three games two wins……Compared to a game has won!
Two can’t first provoked Ningzhong,His self-sword law is enough,When a woman is a woman,Naturally,and……First injured Ning Zhong,Yue does not have a chaos,It is conducive to the teacher’s three people。