Yang is not thinking about,Pumping,Anyway, breaking the tank,“This is not very good,I can also contact Zhao’s face-to-face zero distance.!”

Zhou Ye did not consciously saw Zhao Xiaourus at the distance,I found that she seems still a very embarrassing look.,Hiding behind Zhang Ruohua,There is no such teacher in the whole department.!
this is……I am hired of the position of the Science and Education Section!
Such idiots and comfortable departments,But not anyone can。
Zhou Niwu remembered the gossip news about Zhao Xiaourus is the gossip news of the director of Brain Surgery.。
“Yang Yushu!it’s your turn。”Zhang Ruohua took several students after the assessment,Then finally called Yang.。
Zhou Ye has a bad laugh。
Zhang Director,Yang can be able to eat some bitterness.。
“Ding——”At this time,Mobile phone sent a message。
Zhou Ye is busy from the pillow……
Is a WeChat message:“Director Chen won’t see,You come back to manage your patient!”
Remember time,Is the patient not good?,Zhou Ye Wuhu suspected news:“real or fake,Our group is not strong,I have to go out at any time.。”
Shu Lu:“Don’t spend a pig,Fart!In the morning, the suspicion of heartbeat,Director Chen also shouted with chest pain after handling.,You come back and see!”
Lu Min?I suddenly panicked in Zhou Ye.。
This myocardial infarction is not a joke,The blood vessel of the heart is blocked,It’s shock in minutes.,Go see God.!
Zhou Ye:“Chen Director Chen?”
Shu Lu:“Outpatient, some people find him,He seems to go to the basket.。”
Zhou Ye“……”
Eager,Zhou Ye watched the team’s team waiting for the team of Zhang Ruohua assessment.,If you really wait Zhang Ruohua to finish everyone,I don’t know the monkey year.。
He sneaked with Zhang Ruohua to take out the chairman.,Slink out skill training room。
Zhou Ye worked at the front of the training room,The distance from the training room is a step away。
He thinks to liberate,I can rush back to the ward to see that22What is the bed of Lu Min?……A sweet voice called him。
“Doctor,Are you going??”Zhao Xiaorui stares at the door,I asked loudly。
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Zhao Xiaorui is a sentence in everyone“Doctor”,I caught all the attention of everyone.。
Originally, pay attention to Yang,This is good,Every time everyone turned into the door of the skills training room.。
Even Zhang Ruohua also looked together with everyone.。
Zhou Ye went big eyes,Unknown:“There is a patient to handle in the department,Director is not,The department shouted me back.。”