Tongue work, beauty, anti-aging


Tongue work, beauty, anti-aging

Chinese medicine believes that the tongue is closely related to the health of the five internal organs. Moreover, the tongue is often used for exercise, which not only benefits the health of the five internal organs, but also nourishes the skin and delays aging.

銆€銆€The director of the Department of Sub-health of the Oriental Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine told the reporter that traditional Chinese medicine believes that the tongue is closely related to the five internal organs. Regular movement of the tongue can strengthen the function of the organs, not only help to strengthen the body, but also delay the aging.

銆€銆€Peng Yuqing introduced that the practice of practicing tongue can be divided into three steps: 1.

Tongue squatting: sitting in a meditation position, closing your eyes, licking your tongue and licking your breath.

You can feel the saliva of the tongue is frequent. When the body fluid is full, it will be swallowed and swallowed. When you swallow, you should scream and send it directly to Dantian.

This method helps the blood flow smoothly and dispels the five evil fires.


Chilong stirs the sea: first calm down, then stir the tongue in the mouth (this is called the red dragon stir the sea), so that the saliva in the mouth continues to proliferate, when the saliva is full, the mouth is swallowed in three breaths.

Gong Juzhong, a famous medical doctor of the Ming Dynasty, believes that “Jin is swallowing, in the heart and blood, in the liver and eyesight, in the spleen to raise the spirit, in the lungs to help the gas, in the kidney to sperm, natural and smooth.


Red Dragon spit: The mouth is wide, the tip of the tongue is reduced as far as possible, so that the tongue has a tensile feeling.

When the tongue can no longer be extended, the tongue is retracted into the mouth, so that the face and the tongue are tight with one.

Repeat 9 times to benefit the five internal organs and nourish the face.