These five models undergoing blood tests with new technology,All ages,All my faces are filled with happy and beautiful smiles,Very infectious。


“Currently,Our hope blood test technology,Patent pending in the United States,Create application scenarios,And in relatively backward Asia,More people need this technology。This time my team and I are here,Is to promote this technology in Asia,Looking for a cooperative agent。” “of course,Our selection of agency partners,Also very strict,The conditions are quite harsh,Because only the best companies,To join us,Join […]

Step on the railing,Ragon jumped high,There is no feeling of falling into the wind with one enemy three momentum。


Muffled,Ragon fell from the sky,After Long Shi and the others landed,It also formed an enveloping formation instantly,Enclose Lagon。 “Anger really gives strength?If Long Ba and Long Jiu had your current skills,Not so miserable!” The smile on Lagon’s face completely ignited Long Shi and their anger,Rush to Lagong together。 Sideways escaped Long Shi’s punch,Then he avoided […]

Putting Evincent’s special bondage clothes on,Helping countless straps on the restraint suit,Ivincent, who looks harmless with his eyes closed, is like a mummy,Put on the bed。


Tested by a doctor,Evincent is really as rumored,Xiaoqiang who can’t die,Has been dented by the nose bone,Still have weak vitality struggling on the instrument。 The jailers walked out of the ward,The doctor didn’t want to be in the same room with Evincent,Quiet again in the room,Evincent quietly opened his eyes…… ———— Chapter Two Hundred and […]

Xiang Chen entangled with Qu Tianyi,Keep spraying trash talk,His voice came into Qu Tianyi’s ears from all directions,Like a swarm of flies,Chu Tianyi is upset。


“Die for me!” Slam a palm fiercely,However, Xiang Chen blocked Qu Tianyi’s palm with the blade of Tiger Soul。 “I said that your master didn’t teach you the tricks at the bottom of the box,Short of fire!” Xiang Chen smiled,Injury on the leg,Plus I was beaten a few times by Qu Tian before,Xiang Chen’s state […]

Or it is,Who made her Lin Yoona’s affection for Xiao Fan so deep?!


so,It’s almost a few seconds,Lin Yuner’s face couldn’t be stretched anymore。 and,Not only my face can’t be stretched,The look directly came to a big turn of 180 degrees,The foot is like the wind on the bottom of the foot,Three steps directly and two steps to Xiao Fan。 “alright,Am I kidding you?Why are you so serious?”Lin […]

“Never see you again。”Chen Wenjin buckled the belt,Yang started,Left without looking back。


He doesn’t care what Sister Huo thinks,He just wants to draw a line with this troublesome girl,Only when、Should never have known。 The girl who fell on the ground stood up,Looking at a companion who passed out,Grabbing hair,Shouted in shock:“I rely on!This is too exaggerated!This world really has martial arts?” “I didn’t believe it before——What martial […]

Shen Hongtao nodded in agreement,“If I didn’t think of sister’s teaching,We all want to take it,So sister won’t be so tired。”


The two children poke her tears,Willow circles are red,They grew up in the orphanage are more sensitive than ordinary children,Very sensible at a young age,Very distressing。 Her father is rich,But not her father,Unwelcome illegitimate daughter,Every penny spent is earned by myself,Fatherly love to her,Long gone。 Mom’s conditions are very average,After grandma left,Grandpa found another woman,After […]

What Lu Menglin thought,It’s Zhao Yuanchao who is the head of the first factory,Only to bring that guy down early,It’s possible for the father not to be affected by Chiyu,Scapegoat for others。


“equipment?Let me think,Seems to have some ideas。”Lu Menglin’s mind flashed,Seems to have captured some important information。 After Su Xuehen reminded me,He naturally thought of the days when he dealt with real estate developers in his previous life,Finally, I finally got the important evidence。 In other words,So-called equipment,Is a weapon,And the most important weapon against Zhao […]

Qin Feng is naturally a gentle comfort,In Jiang Yan’s ear, tell her,I really like her。


Jiang Yan is naturally very happy。 Long drought meets the rain,Only those who really come into contact will understand that feeling。 But why are the two getting together?,I’m going back the next day。 This time they went back by car,Because that car is much worse,So I told Tianguang to give the car directly to the […]

Feel Elliott on the other end of the phone·Richardson’s hesitation,Chen Geng thinks the heat is almost there,The tone followed:“Lord General,We have to look forward,After that, Huaxia also plans to purchase gas turbines from the United States、fighter……There will be more opportunities to make money in the future,You say yes?”


“Uh……” Under the premise that Chen Geng’s attitude is so tough,I think that in the future there will still be opportunities to stalk wool from Huaxia,Elliott·Richardson simply went down the donkey:“you are right,We will have many opportunities for cooperation in the future……” “of course。”The corners of Chen Geng’s mouth are slightly raised。 …………………… “Mr. Chen,Mr. […]