Yang is not thinking about,Pumping,Anyway, breaking the tank,“This is not very good,I can also contact Zhao’s face-to-face zero distance.!”


Zhou Ye did not consciously saw Zhao Xiaourus at the distance,I found that she seems still a very embarrassing look.,Hiding behind Zhang Ruohua,There is no such teacher in the whole department.! this is……I am hired of the position of the Science and Education Section! Such idiots and comfortable departments,But not anyone can。 Zhou Niwu remembered […]

With these things,Xia Jian let go,Walked towards the construction site。Along the way,Xia Jian walked and watched。The construction unit of this big group,Organizational discipline is different。Down this way,I really haven’t seen how many people are lazy。


In the place where the earthwork is cleared,Xia Jian saw He Yumei wearing a helmet。Xia Jian’s past tense,She is directing everyone to work loudly。 When she saw Xia Jian walking towards her,The woman greeted him with a big laugh:“President Xia came to check work?” “I’ll stop by。How is your situation now?Hard work,And the wages are […]

That cries, look for yourself to eat.,That has been following the fart behind him,Finally grew up,How long does it take?,She will wear a white wedding dress,Go to the wedding hall。


His heart is full of happiness,Also full,Very contradiction。 But he knows this is the way,I can’t always be sleepy.,She also wants to find a party belonging to her own.,Go to create the home belonging to yourself。 And this family is still a mother.,Welcome to the door forever。 Their story is still continuing,Continue to stage in […]

certainly,Although he knows the existence of willow sweetness,But I don’t dare to guarantee that Xu Ruzhen also knows,Therefore, in Xu Ru, his first thing is to decide how to talk less.。


“Xu boss,This time your security has me to be responsible,But the premise is that you have to listen to my arrangement.。” Looking at the pre-dressed Pushan,Xu Ruzhen did not see the other party。 After all, the more ordinary, the more ordinary, the more powerful。 Li Hui Feng is a living example。 “Um,I know,But I feel […]

Just when Xia Jianzheng was thinking about this issue,Chen Xia walked to Xia Jian,Speak softly:“We are together tonight,Don’t tell Langhu,Just find an excuse to stop it”


Chen Xia’s voice just fell,Xia Jian’s phone rang,He saw that Lang Hu came here,You said it was making trouble。 Xia Jian glanced at Chen Xia,After hesitating, I connected,Lang Hu’s cheerful laughter came from the phone:“President Xia!How was the visit today?Any gains?” “There must be a harvest,It’s just that their stuff is a bit advanced,Can’t digest […]

Watch vibration,‘Jackdaw’Replied to the message,Said he was heading for the cave,Wanwang, be careful。Li Tianchou informed the opponent that there are armed forces in the valley,And described the weirdness in the dense forest after passing through the valley。


after that,Li Tianchou tries his best to relax and move his body,Especially the right arm and side ribs that have just recovered,Force yourself into a state of war as soon as possible。 suddenly,There is the sound of wire strings outside,A small standing wooden slat on the inside of the hole turned to,Li Tianchou knew this […]

“you……I want to be with me.?”Mu Yuqing keeps cold look。


“kindness,When we arrive, we will go to the South Mountain.,See if you can bring a king girl?、Just just‘Phrase’Together。”Chu Deirers feel,Wang Yizhen should also return to Dali to see,At the time“Dali Princess”Muran。 Even if Li Qinglu is not willing,You can also check if you need to send Wang Yushan to Manda Mountain.,Naturally, there is final event! […]

“I’m really convinced of your innocence,have got to go,I still have elective courses in the evening。”Lu Yi found a reason,Finally escaped from Anna Cao’s claws,Physical exertion,Oh,Do not,The energy consumption is comparable to that of Zhang Song43Round duel。


That night20:30,Mingli Teaching Building, Jingnan University of Science and Technology,In the lecture hall on the first floor,《Analysis of Hammurabi Code》Of elective courses,A female classmate was late because,And was reminded by the professor:“late,Sit behind,Don’t affect other students。” “I do not,I want to sit here。”The girl ignored the professor,Took a seat at the front。 The professor took […]

Although Zi Miaozhu also knows that many times it is wishful thinking,But even wishful thinking,She also needs to understand where she lost!


This woman,Why…… Wind rises,Veil shaking,At this time, Zi Miaozhu saw her somewhat side face。 so beautiful。 How can a girl look so beautiful。 Nonsence! Vixen!! Reincarnation!! It turns out that this woman just leans on a bit of beauty……Ok,Peerless beauty,Bewitched my brother! Can be with my brother,You can’t just rely on this appearance,No arrogance,No brilliant […]

as expected,Hu Huiru sneered and said:“Manager Wang!You don’t need to call me about this。You just need to do your job well,Your time is relatively free。Go back and remember to say hello to your second brother,How can I teach you?!”


“Thank you Mr. Hu!Don’t need this,I know what to say”Wang Youcai said,Hung up the phone。 When he was about to go out,Liu Ying pushed open the door and walked in,She smiled and said:“You are up!I saw you sound asleep just now,We have never dared to disturb you” “Nothing,It’s not too late,I can take you directly […]