“Listen to the six brother,Rui Rui Dressed as the same text of the school’s special agent to follow one of the spies!Six brothers you followed!”


“You will let the old six go herself!?”Xu Baichuan complained, “Four brothers!The six brothers don’t let us follow.!It should be worried that we have alarmed the devil special agent!” “You just said that the old six let go of the ritual?”Wear, “It seems to be rumored by yourself as a spy,Six brothers said it is […]

Under the guidance of Da Mo Daojun,Li Ming touched the secrets known by the Daojun of the Jueya family through various inquiry methods。


Every prince of the Jueya family touches his life oath and falls,Da Mo Daojun’s deduction goes further。 It was only three days after the last Daoist fell because he touched his life oath,Da Mo Daojun through deduction of cause and effect,Completed the path to the hidden place。 Only half a day later,Li Ming and Da […]

Sudden change,It’s not that Li Tianzhen can’t control the two of them,It’s that he already understands the consequences of the spiritual power of the preacher invading the two of them,Say something bad,They are no longer the original selves,Just a walking dead controlled by mental power,The soul should have been captured and refined by the opponent,In the sense of life,They have sacrificed。


But I can’t bear it,Benevolence,But was right**Take the lead。Xie Zhihai jumped from the wall to the bed,In Li Tianzhen’s insight,That is a very clumsy rectangular stone platform,Xie Zhihai sat cross-legged on it,Hold hands,Have words in your mouth,What seems to be calling。 The strangest one is Ma Yuan,Li Tianzhen did not understand how he turned into […]

Old Yang came over tremblingly,Whispered to Xia Jian:“This boss,I don’t care about it,After you leave,They’re messing around again,You said my restaurant can’t open?“


“Don’t be afraid,I will take care of this“Xia Jian patted Lao Yang on the shoulder,Let him go back inside。 Between talking,A rush of footsteps came,Someone shouted:“Here comes the town police station“With footsteps,Crowd of onlookers at the door,Hula let out a big hole,Three policemen in uniform rushed in。 Running at the forefront,Is a middle-aged policeman in […]

“after,Not at the moment of life and death,This punch,Don’t use it。”


Lin Yu finished,Wherever the time shines,The innermost place,Walked over。 because,Lin Yu doubts,There,There are treasures。 of course,Even if not。 Go there,It doesn’t matter。 Anyway,Now here,All the time,It’s useless to myself。 As for the power around,Can’t hurt myself。 while walking,Don’t know how long it took。 A bead that radiates the power of time,Appeared in front of Lin […]

All come!Everyone is not talking,Don’t don’t respect it!From the left side of the queue!”


Gao Bao pulled out white cloud sword,What do you dare to fry?,He will really throw it with a sword.! The first soldier came,See the copper money on the ground,All are all literally,Shocked look on the face。He devoutly worshiped his coins.,Immediately return to the original queue。 The second is also up.,His expression is the same as […]

“mom!Did you forget?Are you classmates with Aunt Bai??You just have to call and ask about a man named Xia Jian,Is it okay to have acupuncture?“Qin Xiaomin whispered。


Li Lan is still hesitating,But Qin Xiaomin has picked up the phone beside her bed,Turns out Bai Ruyu’s mother’s phone number has been dialed。One call,Li Lan can’t answer。 First a few words of kindness,Li Lan asked Xia Jian。What Li Lan never expected was,Xia Jian really understands Chinese medicine,And according to Bai Ruyu’s mother,Xia Jian’s acupuncture […]

The discussion in the restaurant reached the ears of Yushi,Made her a little unhappy。how,If you dare to love a woman, you must pretend to be weak,Waiting for the man to come and save the beauty,What is this thinking?but,Their thoughts are very similar to someone。


Yidong Media,Cui Ronghao just came out of the meeting room after the meeting,I was really surprised to see the small video,Know Yushi for a few years,He didn’t know she had this ability!quickly,He sent a message to Yu Shi,To express his admiration:“Han Nv Xia,Real people don’t show their faces!As your friend,I feel safe!” See information,Yu Shi […]

“What competition do they want to participate in,Singing,Dancing,Catwalk,You tell them,Just want to go,Just sign up,All expenses are paid by the store,Regardless of the registration fee、Carriage fee or other expenses,Are borne by the store,After a period of time,Then arrange them to take ads。”


“it is good,I’ll tell them when I go back,They must be happy。”Yang Yong felt excited after hearing this,The road gets wider and wider。 Xia Shuyue got home,Home is quiet,Dad and Uncle are home,And the cousin she was most afraid of staying also left,She breathed a sigh of relief。 The little cousin is okay,Harder than cousin,I […]

“Yang Su?”


Gao Bao is sitting in a handsome,Holding a tiger loudly。 “At the end!” “A sergeant with the five military director,Responsible to schedule!” “Given!” Yang Su,Take the gantry handed over the arrow。 “I will organize a supervision team to give you,Dareful,Kill directly。Five hundred people to kill five hundred people,Return one thousand people to kill a thousand […]