Although Yangliu’s personality is cheerful,But after all, I didn’t grow up in a normal family,Surface sunlight,It’s just to cover up the inferiority complex inside。


She often suffers from gains and losses,One thing will think twice,Compare carefully,Can make up his mind to do it,This is also a sign of insecurity。 She can’t choose her origin,Did nothing wrong,I don’t want to see pity in Huo Yunhe’s eyes,That will make her feel like she’s gradually becoming filthy。 The second reincarnation of a […]

Qin Feng did not expect,I actually want to use this method to deceive this black uncle。


of course,Mainly because this Amamba doesn’t cooperate at all,So in the end,He can only make the best move。 If this Amamba is familiar with some of the Chinese culture, he should know what these medicines mean。But it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand,Qin Feng casually popularized science,Just let the other party know that this is […]

the next day,Sunshine,Xiao Fan slowly opened his eyes,Today he should go back to Lin’s house,A tricky thing,Could not help


Relieved。 Xiao Fan gets up to wash,Plan to pack your luggage in the morning,Accompany Mr. Fan to a meal at noon,Simple farewell,Go home in the afternoon。 But suddenly it occurred to Shen Lin,Can’t help but startled,That young man should be gone,Otherwise it’s really a trouble。 He finished,Plan to take a walk in the villa,Think independently […]

“Let him go home,At most, it is sentenced to three years or suspended,As long as he disappears, nothing will happen!”


After I got a definite answer,Call Li Qiankun immediately。 After Li Qiankun listened to my explanation,Agree to return home to accept sanctions! The domestic side immediately sent people to help Li Qiankun return,Embark on the way home through a private plane of a rich man。 Li Qiankun just left,The Australian police surrounded his residence。 I […]

“I don’t know if King Sedum still remembers the previous City Lord of the Heavens?Zhutian City’s world coordinates are also available,Big Sedum thinks that Big Yingzheng will attack Zhutian City?”


Nezha looked at the blank Sedum before him,Said quietly,He remembers clearly,There seems to be something between the girl in Zhutian City and Sedum,therefore,Nezha feels he has to remind Jingtian。 The Yingzheng tycoon will attack Zhutian City soon,If Jing Tian really has anything to do with the city lord of the heavens,Think about the countermeasures early。 […]

“This beam of light is the entrance guard,I could get in by using my right palm print,It’s just that my arm is gone,I can’t get in right now。”


A Jianglong paused,Suddenly smiled:“You don’t want to get in in other ways,Because it’s impossible!If this place withstands external forces beyond the range,Will blew up。Actually I suspect that this kind of spacecraft is not only one on the earth,It’s just that everything else blew up。” “Not as good as this,You picked my arm back,I open the […]

Then everyone saw a group of men with white faces coming in。


“Ha ha,Ready here long ago?fair enough,If you proceed here, there should be no outsiders disturb。is it?”The blond man said this calmly。 However, the,But pretended to be eliminated.Sniper bullet。 chug—— The people in this team never expected to encounter a sniper after entering the yard。The scariest thing is,More than one。And they know,This is at least the […]

As the saying goes“Brothers concentric,Its profit。”


Ding Kelan in a dream,Thinking about how to communicate with Ye Xingkong,Only communication can reach consensus,To have a chance to escape here。 Ding Kelan’s enlightenment teaching Ye Xingkong speak human language,Let him understand everyday language,Facilitate future communication。 Ye Xingkong is very interested in human language,Actively cooperate。From knowing the name and pronunciation of the object,Ye Xingkong […]

“You mean……”


“brother,Are you talking about auto finance consumer loans in European and American countries??”Yuan Jia just started,The little cousin said happily:“I think our country should have liberalized this policy long ago。” Yuan Jia immediately forgot what she was about to say,Road of surprise:“What?In a foreign country,You can get a loan when you buy a car?” Of […]

East China Medicine (000963): High-quality white horse surpasses expectations


East China Medicine (000963): High-quality white horse surpasses expectations Performance exceeded expectations The company released its 2018 annual report on April 18, achieving a total operating income of 306. 6.3 billion (+10. 2% YoY), net profit attributable to mother 22. 6.7 billion (+27. 4% yoy), the strong growth of the industrial sector combined with the […]