And after watching for a while,Tiger Li at this time,His expression became more and more ferocious。


“Humph,Wang Teng,No matter what,I must kill you!” at this point,Li Huo is here,he thinks,What I have to do。 With these words finished,at this time,For the moment,How should this matter be resolved?。 Just these,In fact, it’s more critical。 Just looking into the distance like this,Now,Wang Teng smiled bitterly。 “why,You are still so obsessed?” “Is it before […]

Xia Jian finished,Ran to the sofa in the house,He really lay down。I just consumed too much internal energy,He is really tired。


Nalanyu dared not say a word,She gently covered her father’s legs with a quilt。Nalandep may be asleep,Snoring slightly。 This made Nalanyu’s face a happy smile。just now,One of her heart also mentioned her throat。After all, Xia Jian is not a famous doctor,To put it bluntly, he is not a quack doctor。As a result of such a […]

But after hitting,Black unicorn regrets it,Because it can’t find Li Tianzhen,Even the one that made him quite jealous‘Son of Metaverse’Gone,Of course it will not believe that the violent energy of the impact can destroy Li Tianzhi and that terrifying guy,The problem is that it can’t find a reason to die,If not unexpected,Black Qilin is far from Sinna’s opponent,Once discouraged,It has no courage to sacrifice the faceless light of death,Even if I sacrificed this big killer,It’s hard to kill Sinna。


So the black unicorn is really hairy,I turned my head and wanted to run but it was too late,Surrounded by the blood group of gods and demons,Under Sinna’s White Scepter,The seriously injured black unicorn,Magical powers can’t be half of the level,Was soon captured alive。 The smoke is gradually dispersed,Seems very suitable,The raging wind and snow […]

Gou Shengtian looked sincere。


“That porridge is more troublesome……And the medicinal materials have to be placed just right!and,This is needed for her lack of gastric motility。No need for recovery! Secret recipe?No such thing……Just some appetizers,I can give you if you want!” Fang Yu said calmly。 “That Zangjia……” Gou Shengtian knows。 Don’t ask more! but,Zang’s affairs,He is still a little […]

Xia Jian opened his ownQQ,What disappointed him was,There is no Tieli among his friendsQQ.What to do?Tie Li won’t answer his call,Even if I go to her,Maybe it’s useless。


Xia Jian is a little angry,He really wanted to find Luo to scold her。But he changed his mind,People are selfish。Luo Yi did nothing more than let him take care of her grandma,I’m afraid of her grandma’s accident。 In fact, Xia Jian knew,Grandma Luo’s hospital can’t help it,With his Xia Jian’s ability,It can only make people […]

First2311chapter Female sales


Wang Youcai, in the name of the second brother,Asked for a leave with Hu Huiru。But he still feels uneasy,Such a big stall,What if no one looks at it。 Think again and again,Wang Youcai called Tianwa,Let him go to work early。Original plan,Tian Wa and Liu Changgui both went to work after the Lantern Festival,Now the situation […]

Young Fang Yu believed it was true,This is Fang Yu’s only belief。


Ten years,Fang Yu’s hands finally recovered。 Fang Yu’s medical skills,Can also be used! After getting up,Fang Yu feels everything about ten meters away,Are in my own control。 Ear power,amazing! And the recovered right hand,Very sensitive。 It’s not like a hand that has been abandoned for ten years! Look at the right hand,Fang Yu remembered the […]

First2694chapter Arrive at destination


Mountain climbing by van、Go down the mountain and drill the cave。And the temperature inside the car is getting higher,The scenery outside the car window changed from light yellow to green,Until it becomes emerald green。 Boss and Cock,The third and the third one took turns driving,The car stopped and moved。Day turns into night,But the van kept […]

However, the Chu Deirers have never been completely loosen.——People who have just triggered yourself,Ten eight nine,Not the morning、Black dog star!


Although the people of Chu Deirers and Lushanpai,Stalemate in the same place,To sneak attack,More than usual,It is not the morning、Black dog stream,Be able to break。 At least it should be close to the first class level.“Sneak attack”,Sixteen、Black dog star seven,If it is a strong,Or you can also get the enemy’s first class,But not too, who […]

Some city-states、Post、fortress、Mountain town、He Xiang……I wish Minglang didn’t stay too long,Let the red horse rest,Continue on。


Have been on the way for nearly ten days,Through a wetland,Zhu Minglang has smelled the warm spring climate of Nihai。 Even in winter,You can also see many summer flowers blooming in Nihai,Plenty of rain,Constant climate,The severe cold in winter has no effect on this place,Green vegetation,Animal animism…… A jade red horse,Walk fast,Four hoofs stepped across […]