Five months later。


A fat mouse collapsed in the jungle without an image。 “Finally passed the test~”Beibei looks unlovable。 Wright sets up a test for Lin Lei and Beibei—to be exact,It’s not easy to let your big disciple set the test。 With lei’s talent,Enough to fight the ultimate master of the sanctuary in human form,Dia counts him through。 […]

Xia Jian has a lot of experience in this area,He feels faintly disturbed。Lin Ling is like a okay person,I want to walk side by side with Xia Jian。But Xia Jian found this strange,He couldn’t help but quicken his pace,In two seconds, Lin Ling was thrown away a long way。


Lin Ling confused,Why did Xia Jian throw her away。Does Xia Jian feel ashamed to walk with her??Shouldn’t be!The face-saving Lin Ling was greatly hurt in her heart。 She couldn’t help slowing down,She doesn’t want to chase Xia Jian anymore。But at this moment,Her phone rang,Lin Ling took out a look,This call turned out to be from […]

Pang Rong’s house is very impressive,The yard is two hundred square meters,And the small building is like the small hall of institutions that Li Tianchou has seen before。The main building is north-south,At least four rooms per floor,The turned side building is going east-west,There are also two rooms on each floor。The door on the first floor faces south,And the gate of the courtyard opens to the east,Looks pretty particular about Feng Shui。


It’s just a black light in the door on the first floor,The small upstairs is in a mess。The sound of screaming and cursing reached with a gunshot.*,Then calm down immediately。 “The layout of the four bosses here is really ingenious,My brother is eye-opener。It’s a pity that such a good place was abruptly by me,No wonder […]

At this time, the Military Wreeder has surrounded two cars.,He Jianqi, they did not resist the bunch of hands.,The officer has passed the fire on the ground.,But the flammable film is basically burned.。


The officer left with the team and He Jian.,Others are all gone,Rui Rui and Gal past the residue of the film, I saw it.:“Should be Thomas’s notes!The United States is really stupid.!” “What you mean is that the United States did not want to trade with He Jian.,They told the Chongqing government?” “Definitely,Gol colonel,You will […]

This time he wants to catch the strength of Song Dynasty.。


Song Kaiyuan also didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng will come back so quickly.,I also want to make a good time for the master like Li Hui Feng.。 As for the wearing factory manager,Li Hui also did not go to the other side again。 See Song Kaiyuan,Li Hui Feng is also no hesitation。 Directly straight,Take […]

The seal of the city lord slowly reveals a gentle luster,All the textures in this seal are reflected,Looks very delicate and beautiful。


The same as before,After it lights up,Will slowly dim,It lights up again after a while…… And the closer to another piece of ancient lantern jade,This kind of bright and dark alternating will be faster,At the end there is almost a continuous flicker。 I wish Minglang keep a gentle and friendly smile,Then he pointed his finger […]

Chen Xiu let out a long breath,At this moment he can100%Determined that I met Ge Hong last night。


The moment is to tell the story of last night in detail from beginning to end,The five old men on the opposite side are very happy,Ou Jianhua and Qin Bodong are arguing and are about to fly back to Hong Kong Island。 “calm、calm!” Ye Hongfei is more clear-headed,The analysis says:“Now that the fairy has appeared,This […]

The old man took a look at Fang Yu,Direct quote。


“Can transfer money?” Fang Yu asked。 “can……But you have to wait for my granddaughter to come。I can’t read……” Old man said。 “how long?” Fang Yu also wants to see if there is snow lotus。 “do not know……I didn’t go so fast anyway。You want me to keep it for you!”Old man said。 “Row!” Fang Yu nodded。 […]

Can be expected,Makes her goose bumps involuntarily!!


It’s not the blue sky that catches your eyes,It’s definitely not a beautiful cloud,But a distant mountain range that seems to be close at hand!! Say it’s far away,It’s because this mountain range is tens of thousands of miles away from the Zulong city state,So that the sky is so clear and dust-free,I feel that […]