At this time, the Military Wreeder has surrounded two cars.,He Jianqi, they did not resist the bunch of hands.,The officer has passed the fire on the ground.,But the flammable film is basically burned.。


The officer left with the team and He Jian.,Others are all gone,Rui Rui and Gal past the residue of the film, I saw it.:“Should be Thomas’s notes!The United States is really stupid.!” “What you mean is that the United States did not want to trade with He Jian.,They told the Chongqing government?” “Definitely,Gol colonel,You will […]

This time he wants to catch the strength of Song Dynasty.。


Song Kaiyuan also didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng will come back so quickly.,I also want to make a good time for the master like Li Hui Feng.。 As for the wearing factory manager,Li Hui also did not go to the other side again。 See Song Kaiyuan,Li Hui Feng is also no hesitation。 Directly straight,Take […]

The seal of the city lord slowly reveals a gentle luster,All the textures in this seal are reflected,Looks very delicate and beautiful。


The same as before,After it lights up,Will slowly dim,It lights up again after a while…… And the closer to another piece of ancient lantern jade,This kind of bright and dark alternating will be faster,At the end there is almost a continuous flicker。 I wish Minglang keep a gentle and friendly smile,Then he pointed his finger […]

Chen Xiu let out a long breath,At this moment he can100%Determined that I met Ge Hong last night。


The moment is to tell the story of last night in detail from beginning to end,The five old men on the opposite side are very happy,Ou Jianhua and Qin Bodong are arguing and are about to fly back to Hong Kong Island。 “calm、calm!” Ye Hongfei is more clear-headed,The analysis says:“Now that the fairy has appeared,This […]

The old man took a look at Fang Yu,Direct quote。


“Can transfer money?” Fang Yu asked。 “can……But you have to wait for my granddaughter to come。I can’t read……” Old man said。 “how long?” Fang Yu also wants to see if there is snow lotus。 “do not know……I didn’t go so fast anyway。You want me to keep it for you!”Old man said。 “Row!” Fang Yu nodded。 […]

Can be expected,Makes her goose bumps involuntarily!!


It’s not the blue sky that catches your eyes,It’s definitely not a beautiful cloud,But a distant mountain range that seems to be close at hand!! Say it’s far away,It’s because this mountain range is tens of thousands of miles away from the Zulong city state,So that the sky is so clear and dust-free,I feel that […]

“Why do you have this idea?It seems that you still have a better understanding of this plum,I can not,So you have to worry about this,Chen Gui is your brother anyway,Everyone in the village knows this”


Xia Jian stopped,Whispered to Wang Youcai。 Wang Youcai smiled and said:“Maybe I am worse than you!So when you think about the problem, think about the bad。Meizi suddenly seemed to have changed,I’m afraid she made a trick for both of us to cross the sky。First stabilize us,And then what action。Because of her,Heart is higher,Life is thinner […]

Xia Jian kissed Zhou Li,Whisper:“Is not,You sleep here so quiet,So I woke up a bit early”Xia Jian said,I moved my body that was going to be stiff。


Zhou Li sat up a little embarrassed,She whispered:“Spring Festival is good,But short,We should get up,The students will arrive at school soon” In the slight light,Zhou Li Xuebai’s smooth back,Seeing Xia Jian was moved again,He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand,Put Zhou Li under her again。Zhou Li tried her best to cater,Two people rolled together […]

Xiao Xiao took this agreement from Xia Jian and probably read it again,She said with a smile:“Mr. Yang is really amazing,I knew the result of this negotiation beforehand,Even the agreement has been drafted”


“Oh!This is nothing,I thought about it last night,Let Ronaldo add a class for a while,I found a place outside in the morning and printed it out,If you think there is nothing wrong,Signed first,Then we can go back this afternoon”Yang Ying said lightly。 Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“Manager Yang,I really admire your speed,It’s […]

Due to time issue,Xia Jian didn’t dare to say more,He greeted Luo Jun quickly。Actually, Luo Jun and Luo Yi said a few words,Don’t know it’s time,Or Luo Yi didn’t want to say more,Anyway, she hung up the phone and left。


Xia Jianyuan is angry at Luo Jun,Unexpectedly, he smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Thank you so much,did not think of,Your words make Luo Yi look like a different person。Thank you for being a father” “Uncle Luo is polite。How did Luo Yi tell you?” Xia Jian smiled slightly,Quickly asked Luo Jun。 Luo Jun nodded and said:“Luo […]