Ocean careers and hand in hand


The Sino-Russian Ship formation cruises in the West Pacific. Air fighters whistling, water surface ships, such as rainbow, seabed submarine … October 14th to 17th, China and Russia "sea joint-2012" exercise held in the sea area near the Great Peter, Russia, the Navy around the communications, the formation The mine threat area, eliminating floating thunder, […]

Parents pay attention! IKEA a child bedding is unqualified by nearly 220,000 yuan


China Economic Network November 9th, according to the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau website, Barnsligdjur is unqualified by Barnsligdjur, IKEA Trading (China) Co., Ltd. ("IKEA") Recently Fine yuan; confiscation of illegal income. According to the Chinese economic network reporter, IKEA BARNSLIGDJUR (Basiliyer) is set and pillowroom products for single (150 × 200 cm) and pillowcase (50 […]

Bohai Bank – Company Governance


Information disclosure ## 2958 ## 2957 ## / bhbank / s101 / touzizheguanxi / tzzgxinxiPilu / %% company governance ## 2959 ## 2957 ## / bhbank / s101 / touzizheguanxi / tzzgxgongsizhili / %% investor relationship ## 2960 # # 2957 ## / bhbank / s101 / touzizheguanxi / tzzgxtzhgXLL / %% investment value ## […]

The first batch of research institutions will be enrolled in Pinggu Agricultural Creative Demonstration Zone


Original title: The first research institution is about to enter the Agricultural Creative Demonstration Zone Our reporter Zhu Songmei Pinggu District is the capital ecological conservation and development zone, and it is also a traditional agricultural area. In recent years, Pinggu District has been the theme of promoting high-quality development of agricultural rural areas to […]

Teacher home is isolated from her class


  "Teacher Yang, our learning utensils are ready, you can start class. "Yesterday morning, the math class of the twenty-second middle school, the 21st Middle School Alliance School, the squad leader just reported, the teacher Yang Xiaofeng’s voice came up from the big screen:" The students are good Below we started class, this lesson we came […]

Secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial Emergency Management Office, Director Wu Bin visited the retired old cadres


On November 11th, the end of Yixiang, the provincial emergency management department, Li Wu Bin, through the visit, held a symposium, etc., visited the condolences to some retired old comrades, understand their health, retirement and participation in social organization activities. The situation is briefly introduced to the old comrades to the main work of the […]

Original musical "Qu Qiubai" debuted at the opening ceremony of the 8th Fujian Art Festival


Southeast Network December 13 (this reporter Chen Nan) The 8th Fujian Art Festival opened at the Grand Theater in Fujian on the evening of the 13th. The musical "Qu Qiumai White" created by Fujian Song and Dance Theater is served on the evening. In the afternoon, at the "Qu Qiubai" press conference held by Fujian […]

Shandong Province National Electromechanical Industry Class Salary Collective Consultation Work Conference was held


  Do a good job in the employee and promote the development of the industry. The province’s national electricity industry level salary collective consultation work and the contracting ceremony of the elevator industry collective contract contract in Ningjin County in Ningjin County was held in Ningjin County. The Chairman of the Provincial National Defense Machinery Electronics […]

Three "three improvements" in Sinan County promoted the development of agricultural machinery


In recent years, Sinan County adheres to the important starting of agricultural mechanization as an important starting of agricultural high-quality development, and serving the country’s revitalization strategy is oriented, tightly the actual needs of agricultural production, tight "three improvements", and promote agricultural equipment level , Work level modernization. Continuous improvement of new machines, new technological […]

Qinghai Province, urban new employment, 10,000 people in the first quarter of Qinghai Province


  The reporter learned from the Human Resources Social Security Department of Qinghai Province, in the first quarter, the province has added 17,131 new employment, which increased in the same period last year; the labor force transferred in the agricultural pastoral area was 10,000, which increased in the same period last year; urban registration unemployment rate […]