Wang Youcai nodded,He walked into the building with a big belly and looked around。He found that the handover at the end of the year was a little problematic.。Thought of here,Wang Youcai has an inexplicable excitement。


———— First2525chapter New item Xia Jian stayed a little bit after spending two days in the provincial capital。One is that he is really worried about things in the company,I don’t know if Guan Zhenshan and Lin Ruo have gone to the couple.,Besides, staying like this is really boring。 You say he is a big man,I […]

“early,Chairman Zhao。”Sister Na is sitting on Zhao Luo’s boss chair,Shake left and right,Two slender fingers holding a cigarette,She kept blowing smoke rings towards Zhao Luo。


“How did you come?”Zhao Luo’s expression is not very happy。 Zhao Luo didn’t live with Sister Na,Sister Na rented him a house alone,I just went to Zhao Luo’s place to stay overnight,Zhao Luo lives alone most of the other time。 Sister Na usually doesn’t come to the company,Even if it comes,Just stay for ten minutes […]

“Ok!The provincial capital can be cooler。What sentence,I’m all up to you here,Feng Yan can only be responsible for business matters。I’m going back to the provincial city tonight,Wait for next time,Let’s talk well“Hu Huiru just finished speaking,Feng Yan drove the Fu carriage over。


Wang Youcai hasn’t come yet to speak,Hu Huiru opened the car door and sat on it。Feng Yan nodded at Wang Youcai,And drove away。 Wang Youcai watched the car run away,He quickly stepped into his office。A bit hot outside the house,But his office is not much better。He stood up angrily,Opened all windows。 Liu Ying came to […]

Hua Yun nodded,I’m curious to hear what other tricks Li Tianchou has besides the way he can’t get on the table。


“the first,The construction site cannot be left idle like this,I want to find a way to make everyone lively and busy,To make those grandsons furious,They are confused,You might be unconscious; “second,We need to report the poisoning after eating,I wondered,I can’t find any results temporarily,Will make these people scrupulous,And we also found the poisoned person,Li Desheng, […]

Can talk about countless creatures,On the number of practitioners,It’s only half of the Great Wasteland。


Master Mingchen seems to be cutting leeks,Every generation of spiritual practitioners is born and grows,He will shoot‘Harvest’,Used to practice some serious sins。 “The creatures in this territory are really miserable,But Master Mingchen is dead,From now on, this area will be‘Three Realms’,Can maintain at least one hundred and eight thousand Chaos Period,The creatures of this world […]

“Can’t see it,You can still fall in love.,Have time to introduce your girlfriend to know.?”


For Han Shanshan,Li Hui’s roots are not serious。 “OK,I will see it for a while.,I just put the contract back.,My girlfriend is now giving me the orchard.。” Since the road has been repaired,Li Hui, who rides a motorcycle, simply a Ma Pingchuan,Soon with Han Shanshan came to the orchard。 At this time, Qin Su Ya […]

This time,Who is it,I made a good call?


See here,In fact, Wang Teng found the three words Xia Yuzhu on the caller ID。 “is her?” Wang Tengyue look,The more I feel,Actually this look is very interesting。 Picked it up,I heard the call,A very nice voice,Suddenly sounded。 “Hey,Senior。” When I heard this,In fact, for Wang Teng,While seeing here,For the moment,Wang Teng’s face,With a faint […]

“such。There is an open field in front,I’ll park the car by the side of the road。If there is anything,Sit down in the driving position,No, you drive first”Xia Jian arranged for Hu Huiru,And stopped the car gently by the side of the road。


Two cars behind,And stopped behind Xia Jian’s car.。Hu Huiru looked behind the car and cursed:“Hey!These bastards,Really came with us” Xia Jian took a breath,Opened the door and jumped down。His hands on his shoulders,Standing by the car door。Winter afternoon sun,Shines on him with a trace of warmth,It makes people feel comfortable to enjoy the sun。 The […]

Worthy of being the Taoist of the Immortal Palace,Look at the breath of power,Brother Xiaomeng should be just three steps,I didn’t expect this blood knife to be so fast。”


On a barren star not far from Tianqiongzong,Li Ming and Xiaomeng Daojun stand opposite。 just now,He and the Dao Monarch Xiaomeng in the Immortal Palace of the Dao League‘Learn from’Some。 at this time,Xiaomeng Taoist does not seem to have reached the four-step Taoist。 Not fighting,Restrained,Li Ming can’t tell。 Can compete,He naturally saw the power of […]

“Is not,The salary of a startup group is not high,But i learned,The person I want to protect is a young boss,It is said that this boss is not only young and handsome,And he himself is good at it,So under this curiosity,I chose to come to Venture Group” Han Juan said absolutely。


Xia Jian asked with a smile:“how about it?Is it disappointed??” “Mr. Xia is really young“Han Juan said very frankly。 Xia Jian couldn’t help but laughed hahahaha,He thinks this Han Juan is really a straight,First time meeting,Can talk to him like this,Really interesting。 “All right!You just came,Just follow Assistant Xi to get familiar with the environment,In […]