Chemisch reactieproces, zo nauwkeurig verordening (2020 National Science and Technology Award Winning Project Tour (on))


Opmerking van de redacteur: Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van China, de Raad van State, heeft een nationale conferentie en technologie-awardconferentie in Beijing gehouden. De 2020 National Science and Technology Award heeft 264 projecten, 10 wetenschappelijke en technologische experts en 1 internationale organisatie geselecteerd. We hebben de eerste prijs gekozen van de National Natural […]

China South Southern pathogene verdediger De werkzaamheden zullen worden gehouden in Wushan


  ontmoetingsplek. Chongqing Gemeentelijke Health Protection Commissie wordt toegekend aan China Chongqing op 28 september aan preventie en bestrijding van muizen te versterken, doen een goede baan in moorguan monitoring, het is een belangrijk onderdeel van de volksgezondheid werk. Op 27 september, de 31e China Southern Patho-Defensie conferentie gehouden door de Health and Health Committee Chongqing […]

Datang Huayin Electric Power Company: "Light" Yao Water Green Development is New Dynamic Can


The construction site of the 50 MW fishing light complementary photovoltaic station in Shi Daikou. The report of the report will be mapped by Changsha, November 11th. Soon, 1160 mu of water, 16 high-style matrices consisting of 130,000 photovoltaic boards will be discharged, and the dazzling light is bloom. By Datang Huayin Electric Power, Xiangtan […]

Anshunjing District Huangguo Central Kitchen: Internet Live Belt Let Anshun Fan Flow


Economic Development Zone Huangguo Central Kitchen: Internet Live Belts Let Anshun are far away. As the rear end of the e-commerce service, the Huangguo Central Kitchen is issued in a timely manner, the company is located in the logistics park, the storage area is expanded to 5,000 square meters, and there is a stock area, […]

Beijing Winter Olympics Autumn View attracts the public


  Original title: Beijing Winter Olympic Park autumn scene attracts public November 2nd, the public in Beijing Winter Olympics in Beijing. Beijing Winter Olympics is located in the western part of Shijingshan, Yongding River, close to Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Organizing Committee and Ski Ski Dapkin, with a total length of about 14 kilometers, with a […]

De toename van de leningen van de landbouwbank Shandong-tak heeft 100 miljard yuan overschreden.


People’s Network Jinan November 19 november, de verslaggever leerde van de landbouwbank Shandong Branch, 10 maanden vóór dit jaar, de toename van leningen heeft 100 miljard yuan overschreden en de incrementele woning is de eerste plaats in de industrie. Vanaf het einde van oktober bereikte het saldo van alle leningen 84,26 miljard yuan. In de […]

Ancient view of Taiwan – one of the world’s ancient observatory


  Beijing Ancient View Xiangtai is located in the southwest corner of Beijing Jianguomen, which was built in the Orthodox Observatory, one of the old ancient observations in the world. It is known for its unique position in building integrity, exquisite instruments, long history and in East and Western cultural exchanges. The viewing station is known […]

Qualcomm announced that "going to Apple" is a car business and "Yuan Universe"


Yangguang Net Beijing November 17th news November 16th, the smartphone chip manufacturer Qualcomm (Qualcomm) published an optimistic performance forecast on its 2021 investor day event. At the meeting, the CEO of Qualcomm, and the company, I explained the strategic ideas of Qualcomm. At the meeting, Angmon said that Qualcomm’s growth does not depend on the […]

2021 Wisdom Long Triangle Development Conference Held in Shanghai


  At the meeting, the Secretary-General of the Wisdom of the Yangtze River Delta Huangli Washing Alliance Report. She said that this year is the third anniversary of the establishment of the Alliance. It is also the year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", will be based on the new starting point, open the new journey, with […]

Cangzhou City Changzhou District Graduating Merchants Helping Industry


People’s Network June 23, on June 22, Guangxi Zhangzhou High-end Stainless Steel Products Light Industry Park Jinhai Branch project officially signed. It is reported that the project mainly produces downstream products such as stainless steel pipes, with a total investment of 800 million yuan. The project will further replenish the downstream industrial chain of the […]