The meat strip was forced to loosen the object that looked like a small bell,Li Tianzhen took it in his hand and looked at it,This logistics is brilliant,The colors emitted are like a colorful light field,Mind a few times,But I heard that voice called him to get started。


Li Tianzhen did not hesitate,Pushing the door and stepping through the light curtain,The sight in front of him makes him strange,Familiar bamboo forest、Thatched Cottage、The rockery and the old trees with weird appearance are all gone,There is a platform in front of you,Not big,Not even an acre of land,There is a stone tower-like building in the […]

Wang Lijun took a sip,He took a breath and asked:“You came down specifically for this?Still said I ran into?”


Because in Xiping Village,Everyone knows,Wang Youcai’s family and Xia Jian’s family have been at odds for many years。So there is no problem with Wang Lijun asking that。 “Specifically,I didn’t expect this to happen like this。Lijun!Anyway,You are also from Xiping Village,Something like this happened,It’s too bad!This is illegal detention,If you call the police,This is going to […]

Because of the trace report of the TV station,‘Take-out kid’Which gold and silver heat continues to rise,Lin Bin in the elite center has also been secretly concerned。


He is lacking in He Jin Yin,A music,Never put it in the eyes。 He is worried about Ghost Kings and Liao Wenjie,These two Yin people are black from head to tail.,One is a famous empty hand Downk star,One is the martial arts that he doesn’t dare to fight against it.,Two people join hands to teach,It’s […]

Gan Yifan pointed behind him,“Over the raft,I have something to say to you。”


“what’s up?”Actually it’s not convenient to walk away right now。 Gan Yifan shook his head,“I do not know either,She didn’t tell me,Anxious。” Xu Wan hesitated,Say:“I’ll go over,My watch number20,What’s your number?” “1314。” Xu Wan was taken aback,Laughed,Turn around and squeeze into the crowd。 “what’s so funny……”Gan Yifan is inexplicable。 A while,Xiuxiu come here,“gone。”Suddenly found out […]

“My friend is injured,Must be treated immediately。”Li Tianchou also raised his voice。


Liu Qiang nodded,He grew his mouth again and said in a very low voice:“Go out from the back door of this community,Run all the way south,There is a black motorcycle,It depends on your luck。I said run,You just run,Don’t forget to shoot me。” I grass,This time, Liu Qiang is really safe,I don’t know how to repay […]

Half of Wona’s body was almost completely pressed on Xia Jian,The plump Xia Jian blushed on the woman’s chest。When passing through the passage of the bar,There was a lot of discussion behind him,You may see him as a little white face。


Just stopped a car up,Una reported the name of the hotel she was staying in,This makes Xia Jian a little relieved,She seems to be sober。The car is slowly moving in the stream of traffic,Wona hugged Xia Jian’s arm with both hands,Keep talking drunk,Xia Jian didn’t hear these words clearly,She probably speaks Ukrainian。 A foreign woman […]

“2nd brother opened a room outside the hospital,Take mom to bed。He’s afraid you won’t come back,So I lied”Yao Chunni said,Secretly glanced at Wang Youcai。


Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“One is more tricky。Come to wait for dad,But he refused to pay even one night” “Nothing,You sleep yours for a while,I take care of my dad”Yao Chunni said very softly。 Wang Youcai looked at Yao Chunni so sensible,The uneasiness in his heart disappeared without a trace。Yao Chun’s daughter-in-law,Can be so dedicated to […]

This visitor,Also true fairy,But very special。


Li Ming also had to meet。 “Ming Daoyou,Xiahuaxu,I heard that the Daoist Formation is all over the sky,Come to ask。” This one is indeed a real fairy,But the eyes are pure,And the obsession with the game。 Huaxu,It is the mother clan of the Fuxi clan。 This family,On the strength of strength than the ancient imperial […]

Guo Meili opens the notepad,Looked over and said:“The progress is gratifying,It may be steep half a year in advance”


“Yo!This is really great,Development of Pingyang Town,Almost all got stuck in this traffic,But we have to catch the speed,This quality should be strengthened,Must not be ignored”Xia Jian put a smile away,Said with a serious face。 Guo Meili nodded and said:“I know this,I will not ask the engineering supervision department,Inspect their completed parts,If there’s a problem,Stop […]

He has cultivated the magical powers of escape,That magical power can be in the world, so it ranks out of a hundred,However, when chasing Saito ancestors,The opponent’s speed is actually comparable to him。


Although this kind of forbidden technique obviously hurts the body,But you must know that his realm is also superior to Saito ancestor! The ancestor Saito can escape more than half the distance of Oxtail County in front of him,This is obviously not easy。 but,It is clear,Saito ancestor successively cast forbidden spells,Naturally, this escape technique cannot […]