“Those two bags!It was you who didn’t believe me,Said to help me out but not help!Shouldn’t you be responsible?”Li Xiang immediately lowered the asking price,Leopard thought for a while,Speak slowly:“Ok,Two is two,as long as you are happy。I really don’t understand why you like bags so much!”


“Don’t you also like gold chains and want to buy them?Don’t you also like to hold your eldest brother’s power??A woman’s bag is not just a thick gold chain on a man’s neck,Isn’t it the eldest brother in your hands??People will say my boyfriend is amazing!But give you a long face!”Li Xiang knows Abao eats […]

After signing,Mr. Zhou declined Gao Qiang’s offer to invite him to play for a few days,He still has a lot to do,No time to relax!


Wang Lin stayed,Lead a team to develop related businesses in Tianfu,At the same time supervise the management decisions of Gaoda Group。 After Gao Qiang got the loan,,Immediately repaid the 20 billion loan from the local bank! Those banks saw Gaoda Group really paid back the money,Immediately put on another face,Long-term loans to Gaoda Group。 Gao […]

Just when she was about to do it,Have a hand on the shoulder,Open your eyes,Xia Chenglong appeared in front of her with a smile。


Cracked tiger mouth and blood on the corner of the mouth,Are proving what happened just now,But when he comes, it shows that all this is meaningful。 “What to do next?” “do not be afraid,I have figured out their strength,We should have won this gamble!” …… Xia Chenglong’s voice is not loud,It can be heard by […]

And to curb inflation,How does the Fed do it?


They still follow the traditional governance ideas,Constantly increasing the federal funds rate,Just before christmas eve,The Fed raises the federal funds rate again:Has reached unprecedented levels since World War II18.9%。 18.9%what,Why can the industry earn close20%Such a high profit? The consequence is that the socio-economic stagnation and inflation in the United States broke out at the […]

He Sinan was also taken aback,I didn’t expect the other party to actually tell him why,And also said so affectionately。


In an instant,He Sinan squinted his eyes,Staring closely at Lu Menglin’s face,Seems to want to see the flaw。 Lu Menglin certainly looks like a Jiyue scenery,Upright。 “Forget it,I gave you this old ginseng!I do not want it!”He Sinan’s face changed slightly,Said loudly。 All the people present heard his words,All stunned。 Everyone thought this rich second […]

You Wuhao kill if you want,Why make up such a blunt reason?!Is Gaia the son of Lei Ji?,Lei Ji is such a big person,Is it not clear?


Lei Ji was also dumbfounded,Look surprised,Wryly smiled:“This,What is this saying。” About Gaia’s life experience,Lei Ji sent someone to investigate,There is no possibility of false。 The village in his hometown is still there,Gaia’s mother in the local situation,Ask it,How could it be fake? A trace of panic flashed in Gaia’s eyes,But he hides it well,Didn’t show […]



Chapter 819 Son of the Chosen Venerable Jiang Chuyu returned to the place of practice,Whim,Shimen secret transmission《Push back·Graphical solution》For the newborn daughter。 The result of this hexagram,But Jiang Chuyu was shocked。 Display in hexagram,“Han Yin Deng Yu Tian,Chastity,No sorrow and no virtue”,This means that,New things will replace old things,Old things are too high,Naturally, the heavier […]

“Nothing is wrong,It’s just that your play is too much!”Qiao Tianyu said seriously。


“Lily,We lived together for more than 50 years in the last life,I don’t know you yet?” “You are a person who values dignity more than life,How could you be punished by Mr. Yamaki because you are worried,And was so scared,Kneel down and beg for mercy,There is no dignity at all?” “This is too abnormal?This can […]

Of course Wang Dazhi understands what Chen Geng meant,Just don’t allow fish in troubled waters,He nodded solemnly:“Mr. Chen, don’t worry,I know the severity。”


Finished,He hesitated,Asked again:“Chengfa Factory……Do you want to send someone??” “of course。”Chen Geng nodded without hesitation:“And this60Of places,Chengfa Factory accounts for one third。” one third,Just20A。 Wang Dazhi feels distressed,He pondered,Said:“This one……Mr. Chen,I don’t mean to object,It’s just that Chengfa Factory, they are engaged in engines,This one……is it necessary?” This guy is actually playing with himself,Chen Geng […]

“You are so upset!I have to go to Xiao Yangyang to buy cosmetics!”


I found that Xiang Chen’s eyes tended to drift towards him,Yao Yao immediately put down a sentence,And then left swaggeringly。 Looking at Yao Yao’s back,Yan Xiaoyi slightly opened her mouth and was speechless,I really don’t know that Yao Yao was crying for his pension ten minutes ago,Still at this moment, this figure is free and […]