“do you know?In my era,Two people shaving your head,One is a monk,The other is to fight.,Has been cut by the hair。”


“You can have a home.!” “However, some dynasties will be grabbed。” “I seem to be a monk, I have passed from the west.,I know that I should go out at the year.,Maybe it’s late to pass.,What Luo Han also spread。I will give you shaving.,You can give other monks to other monks, you can shave the […]

Heavenly,Liao Jie’s back pain, get up,The biological clock is extremely tenacious,Just one minute,Set the alarm should sound。


No immediately wash your face,Instead, I am aimed at the eye system.。 Getting on the grass System rewards a technique,Know the name,Skills for running roads。 Good thing,He always feels too slow when he runs.。 The issue is,Grass flying iron cloth,Have these two martial arts,Almost all in martial arts is engaged in an ancient occupation。 thief。 […]

He was taken away again by a palm.,Heavy 上,Connect three major omelettes。


Xiao Yan did not continue to pursue,Stand in the ground,Cold and glance。 “Who else!” “I come!” Talking is a thousand ways。 He is a leader of the earth,Seeing that the Lu Quan was so miserable,I can’t see it.。 Step forward,After three steps,Body shape,Disappear。 A punch! 狠 一 对 对。 啵啵 啵啵。 Air in the fry,Suddenly […]

He is not a good-tempered master,Although it’s not as wicked as the blood orchid ancestor,But if anyone offends him,He must retaliate severely。


He is a solo,No worries caused by ethnic groups,Anyone dare to offend。。。The original ancestors can’t afford it。 “Boom boom boom~”The ancestor of the monster beast‘Lord of the universe’Fly with one paw,In the air for a moment,But quickly http://www.leaderich.cn reacted。The space of black stone pillars likes camouflage,Who else besides the rampant devil?! “Rampant!”The voice of the […]

And it’s all topic,Anti-repeated speech is not tired。This is one of the top ten unsolved mystery in the hearts of Niu Niu.。


After the Niu’s reminder,The two people suddenly realized, “exactly,We should go back.!This also delayed it for a long time.!Niu Zi, you go back.!” “I don’t go back.,I am going to the floor to see,How about the top a few days ago??If you have a good word, you can eat for a while.,Give your home to […]

Summer laughs,“I just want to come out to swear.。”


“Sway? Right。” Su Mei picks the eyebrows,“Today, there is still a thousand years.,Do you have to participate?,I was the chief of Wannian.,It is still the position of the general public business.。” “Oh?” Summer eyes bright,Smile,Hug,“The original Su Shi sister actually has this,Disrespect。” “What is the disrespectful,For so long,I know that my name is not much […]

“Then let’s live in ancient town.!”


“Ok, okay.!” “” Zhouzhi found that he was completely inserted。 Just a low head,Welcome a pair of eyes of the group,Seem to speak,The coming is that she is soft and fine. “Depth” She didn’t know how long she stared at Zhou.。 Sure enough, there is only a group of people.。 Zhouzhi is moving,I quickly asked:“what’s […]

“Humph……Still。”White is nothing to say。


Shi Xiao Cui did not force the dog hybrid,This makes him loose tone,However, http://www.tywzt.cn Shi Xiao Cui has dug:“You have taken it.?” Four people heard words,Take each other,After that, I will get up.、Down to the dog hybrid:“Meet the head!” Chu Deirers feel white from the side,Blood pressure is full。 Just when I couldn’t help but […]



A guy raised a gun behind a tree,Hurricane,Also forced to calm down。 Standland。 Sha http://www.neihangu.cn sand sand in the ear,His pupil suddenly concrete,Spoken,See also,Quickly http://www.join-hands.cn hold guns to pull triggers。 “boom!” Gun sound。 Happen,The body of this small knife society is slaughtering,Instant stiffness。 He didn’t see people,Just feel that the cold wind,Then thinking stagnates,Pupil,It’s like […]

The mirror is like the first summer,Still day,World is very bright,Grassland is green,Child is like a long time.,The ground is filled with thin fog。


序 蹦 跳 的 头,Not like ordinary primary school students in front of the teacher。 Or cautious。 It is not strict to seeing Ming Gong.。 Minggong just smiled and looked at her.,Laugh:“You still haven’t grown up。” “Well?” The 槐 序 下 子 不 了,Go back to Ming Gong,It seems not too http://www.skinfactory.cn good,To start showing […]