Song Kings Road is smart,It should also be seen this,So it’s also out of it.。


After sending Song Kun Road away,Zhang Wei did not move, and said to Gao Boyi.:“Lord this is the people’s heart,Song Kings Road from Hebei Family,Northern Wei Dynasty, Shangshu, Song Dynasty、Shang Shulang Song Ji,Guangping Town, Yangfeng County, Hebei Province。 He comes from books,I’m happy to read the poetry,Fitrainian,Extremely intelligent。This person is private,Explain that the main public […]

Spring after going out first found two bear,Come on a wooden pile array,The current spring will carry out this training,Dething is much easier。


Then I came to the mountain belonging to the thousand hand.,Uncle Mi Village is already waiting in the top of the mountain.。 Pile,Two baked golden oil bright rabbits were taken by Mu Village Uncle。 “Try,Found in the trap”Wooden village handed over a rabbit。 He has been accustomed to the work of Spring,Know when he comes。 […]