starting today,We are also a privileged person。


The members of the second team,To ensure that you can survive the cruel war in the future,Next, I want to educate you about love! I hope you can understand my good intentions! ———— Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Six Jump training “The training location has arrived,Please get off!” With a statement,Dawn’s hatch opened directly,Then Xin […]

but,Lu Menglin knew this was just an illusion,Because these are external forces,Just temporarily caused this illusion to myself。


If you crave this false feeling,Use this life energy arbitrarily,Just make myself like last time,Abrupt energy imbalance in the body,Not cut off the pulse in time,Will explode and die。 Lu Menglin doesn’t want to be like last time,Lie on the bed for ten and a half days,Don’t want to burst into death。 Way of Heaven,Make […]

“Nothing is wrong,It’s just that your play is too much!”Qiao Tianyu said seriously。


“Lily,We lived together for more than 50 years in the last life,I don’t know you yet?” “You are a person who values dignity more than life,How could you be punished by Mr. Yamaki because you are worried,And was so scared,Kneel down and beg for mercy,There is no dignity at all?” “This is too abnormal?This can […]

As the saying goes“Brothers concentric,Its profit。”


Ding Kelan in a dream,Thinking about how to communicate with Ye Xingkong,Only communication can reach consensus,To have a chance to escape here。 Ding Kelan’s enlightenment teaching Ye Xingkong speak human language,Let him understand everyday language,Facilitate future communication。 Ye Xingkong is very interested in human language,Actively cooperate。From knowing the name and pronunciation of the object,Ye Xingkong […]

“Don’t mention it,We have been shopping for so long,Maybe it’s bad luck and don’t know the place,I didn’t even find a 24-hour shop,All other stores are closed。Sanshui City is too strange,Even the store in the old residential area closed early!”


“Maybe the people in Pengshi are too hard to make money?”Amei took the instant noodles in the hotel and said:“Eat this?” “You are the savior of my stomach!”Xiao Xiao nodded repeatedly,About to get up,May smiled and said:“Just rest your feet!Have pity for your little feet??Walked so long,It’s tiring。” “Ok,I feel sore feet now,I just left […]

Of course Wang Dazhi understands what Chen Geng meant,Just don’t allow fish in troubled waters,He nodded solemnly:“Mr. Chen, don’t worry,I know the severity。”


Finished,He hesitated,Asked again:“Chengfa Factory……Do you want to send someone??” “of course。”Chen Geng nodded without hesitation:“And this60Of places,Chengfa Factory accounts for one third。” one third,Just20A。 Wang Dazhi feels distressed,He pondered,Said:“This one……Mr. Chen,I don’t mean to object,It’s just that Chengfa Factory, they are engaged in engines,This one……is it necessary?” This guy is actually playing with himself,Chen Geng […]

Feel Elliott on the other end of the phone·Richardson’s hesitation,Chen Geng thinks the heat is almost there,The tone followed:“Lord General,We have to look forward,After that, Huaxia also plans to purchase gas turbines from the United States、fighter……There will be more opportunities to make money in the future,You say yes?”


“Uh……” Under the premise that Chen Geng’s attitude is so tough,I think that in the future there will still be opportunities to stalk wool from Huaxia,Elliott·Richardson simply went down the donkey:“you are right,We will have many opportunities for cooperation in the future……” “of course。”The corners of Chen Geng’s mouth are slightly raised。 …………………… “Mr. Chen,Mr. […]

Seeing Zhang Ting’s serious face,Qin Feng is somewhat unaccustomed。


“Look over there!”Zhang Ting holds the wine glass and points to the west,Qin Feng looked in the direction and found that there were a few young people whispering。 “Ok?What happened to them?”Qin Feng puzzled。 “I just passed by,I heard they fell in love with your girlfriend。It must be a trouble for you。So I’m here to […]

“You mean……”


“brother,Are you talking about auto finance consumer loans in European and American countries??”Yuan Jia just started,The little cousin said happily:“I think our country should have liberalized this policy long ago。” Yuan Jia immediately forgot what she was about to say,Road of surprise:“What?In a foreign country,You can get a loan when you buy a car?” Of […]

“Xin Zhao and Qilin,You two are shooting at a distance,I will let the black armor record the number of attacks you two have endured,Then decide the outcome。Is there a problem?”


“No!” “All right,Then go!” The roar of the plane arrives,A group of people quickly set off on the plane under the leadership of Lena。 If they expected,So today we still have to do jump training。 have to say,This jump training,If you practice a few more times,feel pretty good。 “Start now,Dress,Time cannot exceed one minute!Start!” Dress […]