“You are so upset!I have to go to Xiao Yangyang to buy cosmetics!”


I found that Xiang Chen’s eyes tended to drift towards him,Yao Yao immediately put down a sentence,And then left swaggeringly。 Looking at Yao Yao’s back,Yan Xiaoyi slightly opened her mouth and was speechless,I really don’t know that Yao Yao was crying for his pension ten minutes ago,Still at this moment, this figure is free and […]

According to the meaning of drug inaction,If Qin Feng wants to know what the drunk is, he can only follow Yao Wuwei and return to the ancient Kunlun clan.。


of course,Qin Feng did not listen to advice,The reason for the aggravated injury。According to the meaning of drug inaction,It was when they told Qin Feng some information about the drunkard,And let the latter stay in Kunlun to recover。 Back to pharmacy,After Yao Wuwei helped Qin Feng perform a new treatment,Found a collection of books and […]