Just when she was about to do it,Have a hand on the shoulder,Open your eyes,Xia Chenglong appeared in front of her with a smile。


Cracked tiger mouth and blood on the corner of the mouth,Are proving what happened just now,But when he comes, it shows that all this is meaningful。 “What to do next?” “do not be afraid,I have figured out their strength,We should have won this gamble!” …… Xia Chenglong’s voice is not loud,It can be heard by […]

“really?”Maosen’s eyes revealed,Shouted in a deep voice。


“it is true!The taste of beef blood plus royal jelly,Will make the bees think that he is a newly born larva,How can you attack。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。 Mausen nodded,Then turned around,And asked He Bu:“What did you see in the hive?Did you see the queen bee?” He Bu thought for a while,Nod,Tao:“There are no […]

the next day,Sunshine,Xiao Fan slowly opened his eyes,Today he should go back to Lin’s house,A tricky thing,Could not help


Relieved。 Xiao Fan gets up to wash,Plan to pack your luggage in the morning,Accompany Mr. Fan to a meal at noon,Simple farewell,Go home in the afternoon。 But suddenly it occurred to Shen Lin,Can’t help but startled,That young man should be gone,Otherwise it’s really a trouble。 He finished,Plan to take a walk in the villa,Think independently […]



First185chapter Step on the car door Seems to be overnight,The safety of automobiles has become the biggest hot news of concern to American people today,As one of the largest television stations in the United States,ABCThe TV station is naturally unwilling,At the moment they are playing a brand new column。 Front of the lens,ABCThe famous host […]

Early next morning,The members slowly get up,But they looked a little confused。Because before I came in, I kept my attention.。


But then they found that there seemed to be nothing they needed to do after coming in。So it’s a little relaxed,At the same time I feel a little confused。 Zhong Fa yawned,“boss,What are we doing today?Shift position??” “Don’t worry,I’ll take a look at the small building。No one transfers anymore!”Qin Feng responded。 “Oh?”Zhong Fa nodded,But some […]

“it is good!”Lu Menglin just got up,Winked at Wang Shaoxiao,The two strode out of the classroom together。


The battle at the gate of the park continues,No one thought,Fat Dun is so brave,A dozen village ruffians have fallen in front of him,All on the ground groaning and refusing to get up。 No one is a chubby general,The sharpening stick in his hand,It’s a deadly golden hoop,Hit it with one stick,Injury,It hurts so much […]

“Let him go home,At most, it is sentenced to three years or suspended,As long as he disappears, nothing will happen!”


After I got a definite answer,Call Li Qiankun immediately。 After Li Qiankun listened to my explanation,Agree to return home to accept sanctions! The domestic side immediately sent people to help Li Qiankun return,Embark on the way home through a private plane of a rich man。 Li Qiankun just left,The Australian police surrounded his residence。 I […]

Really speechless。


How should Xiao Fan answer Lin Yoona to that question?? If you answer yes,Doesn’t it seem that I am too arrogant。 but,If you say that you answer negatively,if that’s the case,Don’t you seem to be too hypocritical?? after all,A big family like the Shen family,Stomping casually in Yunshi,Yunshi is going to have three earthquakes。 Even […]

Or it is,Who made her Lin Yoona’s affection for Xiao Fan so deep?!


so,It’s almost a few seconds,Lin Yuner’s face couldn’t be stretched anymore。 and,Not only my face can’t be stretched,The look directly came to a big turn of 180 degrees,The foot is like the wind on the bottom of the foot,Three steps directly and two steps to Xiao Fan。 “alright,Am I kidding you?Why are you so serious?”Lin […]

And to curb inflation,How does the Fed do it?


They still follow the traditional governance ideas,Constantly increasing the federal funds rate,Just before christmas eve,The Fed raises the federal funds rate again:Has reached unprecedented levels since World War II18.9%。 18.9%what,Why can the industry earn close20%Such a high profit? The consequence is that the socio-economic stagnation and inflation in the United States broke out at the […]