Holy Lord found himself under that power,There is almost no reaction time,Was hurt,If it weren’t for that power, it doesn’t seem to be malicious,I’m afraid he has fallen right now。


The Holy Lord instantly regains perception,I glanced suspiciously at this ordinary person in front of me,Then I set my eyes on the sky,He has a hunch,The previous strength,From the sky。 “Oh,I just remembered,Your Excellency does not understand the horror of the monster family,So I forgot to tell you that I was in the big formation,No […]

“I’ll be late for my stall,Don’t be distracted in college,Concentrate on doing your studies well,Your father and I are already very guilty of you,I can never drag you down!”


Sitting by the bed with Bai Lu and talking,Bai Lu’s mother’s words,Sigh。 Bai Lu comforted her mother softly,To the boring people like Yuan Brothers and Xiang Chen in my heart,Is getting more and more contemptuous。 Thinking of good luck today,You and your mother can get away without danger,If it changes to the past,It’s inevitable to […]

These five models undergoing blood tests with new technology,All ages,All my faces are filled with happy and beautiful smiles,Very infectious。


“Currently,Our hope blood test technology,Patent pending in the United States,Create application scenarios,And in relatively backward Asia,More people need this technology。This time my team and I are here,Is to promote this technology in Asia,Looking for a cooperative agent。” “of course,Our selection of agency partners,Also very strict,The conditions are quite harsh,Because only the best companies,To join us,Join […]

Jian Guang went directly to the sky green ape python below,But Xia Chenglong did find that the guy did not respond。


Jianguang didn’t hit the opponent at the last moment,But shift,Fall to the side,Led to a bottomless gully there。 The ancient sword still hovering behind Xia Chenglong,Looking at the behemoth right now。 “how,The dignified sky green ape python will also be afraid?” Just after Xia Chenglong,This guy suddenly shrinks,Then he knelt on the ground with a […]

“Those two bags!It was you who didn’t believe me,Said to help me out but not help!Shouldn’t you be responsible?”Li Xiang immediately lowered the asking price,Leopard thought for a while,Speak slowly:“Ok,Two is two,as long as you are happy。I really don’t understand why you like bags so much!”


“Don’t you also like gold chains and want to buy them?Don’t you also like to hold your eldest brother’s power??A woman’s bag is not just a thick gold chain on a man’s neck,Isn’t it the eldest brother in your hands??People will say my boyfriend is amazing!But give you a long face!”Li Xiang knows Abao eats […]

Little cousin’s face collapsed:“Uh……”


Yuan Jia is not used to his son’s problems,Keep saying:“You haven’t done business,The same business,Your brother will make money,Do you think it changed you,You can make a lot of money?If your elder brother finds you the job you can’t make money,What do you plan to do?Let your brother find you a profitable business?” “……” Little […]

Step on the railing,Ragon jumped high,There is no feeling of falling into the wind with one enemy three momentum。


Muffled,Ragon fell from the sky,After Long Shi and the others landed,It also formed an enveloping formation instantly,Enclose Lagon。 “Anger really gives strength?If Long Ba and Long Jiu had your current skills,Not so miserable!” The smile on Lagon’s face completely ignited Long Shi and their anger,Rush to Lagong together。 Sideways escaped Long Shi’s punch,Then he avoided […]

“Humph!Count him lucky!”King Ning frowned,Helplessly shook his head。


The six princes stared at the superb necklace in the hands of Princess Huanhai with regret.,Seems to hesitate for a moment,Finally gave up a tempting idea。 Whether it is King Ning,Still the Sixth Prince Mili,Very clear in mind,Focus on the overall situation,The attitude of Fashen City will directly affect their chances of competing for the […]

sometimes,People don’t need to be smart,No need for a strong talent,Just do things seriously、careful,Can actually make a difference,Achieve a career in your own position。


“Ok!We really need to strengthen management in this area in the future。but,Don’t blame everyone this time,Situation is very special。”Ye Xin still maintains everyone。 Curator Fang nodded slightly,I know you can’t blame everyone for not working hard。If like Ye Xin said,A piece of wood kiln is sandwiched between two pieces of folk kiln porcelain,That’s really hard […]

Although Yangliu’s personality is cheerful,But after all, I didn’t grow up in a normal family,Surface sunlight,It’s just to cover up the inferiority complex inside。


She often suffers from gains and losses,One thing will think twice,Compare carefully,Can make up his mind to do it,This is also a sign of insecurity。 She can’t choose her origin,Did nothing wrong,I don’t want to see pity in Huo Yunhe’s eyes,That will make her feel like she’s gradually becoming filthy。 The second reincarnation of a […]