After signing,Mr. Zhou declined Gao Qiang’s offer to invite him to play for a few days,He still has a lot to do,No time to relax!


Wang Lin stayed,Lead a team to develop related businesses in Tianfu,At the same time supervise the management decisions of Gaoda Group。 After Gao Qiang got the loan,,Immediately repaid the 20 billion loan from the local bank! Those banks saw Gaoda Group really paid back the money,Immediately put on another face,Long-term loans to Gaoda Group。 Gao […]

Putting Evincent’s special bondage clothes on,Helping countless straps on the restraint suit,Ivincent, who looks harmless with his eyes closed, is like a mummy,Put on the bed。


Tested by a doctor,Evincent is really as rumored,Xiaoqiang who can’t die,Has been dented by the nose bone,Still have weak vitality struggling on the instrument。 The jailers walked out of the ward,The doctor didn’t want to be in the same room with Evincent,Quiet again in the room,Evincent quietly opened his eyes…… ———— Chapter Two Hundred and […]

“Then he will die!You might die,And i won’t die。”Brolong also revealed


Smile kindly。 Brolong also said this,The others all showed their expressions of death。 “you,you guys!Don’t believe him!Didn’t you say yes before??Beat him to death first,Ask me about the prescription!”The black frame said angrily。 “Hit!He is not so easy to deal with!”Brolong also said lightly。 “If you accidentally beat him to death,The prescription will be gone?I […]

The function of commemorative coins is mainly to commemorate a major festival or politics、history、culture、Elite、Places of interest、Circulated legal tender for rare animals and plants,Precious metal commemorative coins are RMB issued in limited quantities for specific themes。


“This is nickel,Or silver coins?”Zhang Qingliang is a bit confused。 If it is a silver coin,It should be considered a precious metal commemorative coin?and,During the Republic of China,Also considered antique,It should be valuable? however,He found that a large row of stalls are all like this,I immediately denied my idea。 The stall owner is like someone […]

After explaining clearly the doubt and objection in my mind,Ralph·Sir Robbins said immediately:“I understand,Mr. Fernandez,Before coming,Anthony of Fokker and I·Mr. Fokker had a simple communication,For your optimism about this project,Mr. Fokker is very welcome,of course,Specific cooperation methods,You need to communicate with Mr. Fokker in person。”


“of course。” Chen Geng smiled and nodded,Xin said what do you think I am looking for?Isn’t it just for you to be this bridge?as well as……For the future plan? …………………… Anthony·Fokker’s call is faster than Chen Geng imagined,Evening,Chen Geng received his call。 on the phone,Anthony·Fokker said very politely that he had received Ralph·Sir Robbins phone,It […]

Qin Feng did not expect,I actually want to use this method to deceive this black uncle。


of course,Mainly because this Amamba doesn’t cooperate at all,So in the end,He can only make the best move。 If this Amamba is familiar with some of the Chinese culture, he should know what these medicines mean。But it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand,Qin Feng casually popularized science,Just let the other party know that this is […]

“Maybe people don’t like soup!”Qin Feng stood and said。


“He obviously hates it,Can’t you tell?”Wang Mengmeng said angrily。 “See it!”Qin Feng has an indifferent watch。 “Then you still……” “Didn’t you also hate it?”Qin Feng smiled like a mystery,But in Wang Mengmeng’s ears,But blushed uncomfortably。Then look at the deputy leader like a joke。 “Does any other judge want a small bowl??I still have。”After listening to […]

Xiang Chen entangled with Qu Tianyi,Keep spraying trash talk,His voice came into Qu Tianyi’s ears from all directions,Like a swarm of flies,Chu Tianyi is upset。


“Die for me!” Slam a palm fiercely,However, Xiang Chen blocked Qu Tianyi’s palm with the blade of Tiger Soul。 “I said that your master didn’t teach you the tricks at the bottom of the box,Short of fire!” Xiang Chen smiled,Injury on the leg,Plus I was beaten a few times by Qu Tian before,Xiang Chen’s state […]