Just look at it just a little bit,obviously,at this point,It’s completely beyond doubt。


And seeing these,Wang Teng didn’t care。 Anyway, he plays this very well,And manipulate1pWang Teng,Actually it’s easy to play。 “Wang Teng,What are you,Why does it look so funny。” Jiang Ya herself has no interest,But watching Wang Teng playing so happy。 Actually, for Jiang Ya,In her heart,I’m also very interested。 slowly,As Jiang Ya sees this way,at this […]

“alright,Then set a month,Let’s talk about it!”After talking, Jackson hung up。


Love·Dracula exhaled,Then I put the slightly hot phone back in my pocket,Then tidy up the clothes,Put on a gentle smile again,Out of the bathroom。 As for the one-month agreement。 When I got back to the United States, I reminded this Mr. Rossi,There is an old Chinese saying that you can eat hot tofu in a […]

“what?The concert is really good?”Xiao Xiao couldn’t help asking。


Lin Na was a little embarrassed and told Xiao Xiao the whole thing from beginning to end.。Xiao Xiao didn’t blame Lin Na for not reporting this to her,But he said with a smile:“nice!Once done, it is another business opportunity,Not only promoted our real estate,And still have money” “Two million all inclusive,I don’t know if I […]

“solved?”Black and white voice is cold,Looking back and asking about Li Ming。


“solved,A ghost,If it is not based on formation,Not much resistance。”Li Ming is not talking nonsense,The rock god demon didn’t break out any decent resistance in his hands.,Li Ming even thinks he is no better than that bat god。 of course,This is also a breakthrough in Li Ming’s move,【Bingru Sunstar】Is powerful enough to crush bat gods […]

Elder Yi, who was a little messy at first, found something wrong in the fight with the small coalition forces.,Did not encounter a strong opponent,I didn’t meet an organized team,The organization on the Five Elements Island is even worse,He realized that Cuiweifeng and Zhujifeng were the key points,Secretly scold yourself for being confused,After such a delay, I missed the tragic fight under Pillar Peak.。


Brief confrontation,Liu Jiajun couldn’t support it anymore,No commander,Form a disc,So it crashes quickly,Run away,Elder Yi has no intention to hide,Check Qi after hurriedly retreating、Credit to the two elders,And the damage to the center,Don’t know,I took a breath after seeing it。 After this rebellion,The fracture of the Five Elements Island has hurt the bones,Most of the […]

When Wang Teng said,This is for the people around to watch,Feel very curious。


Because now,they do not know,Why it’s so good,Wang Teng would suddenly say something like this。 And see here,at this time,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,How to deal with these things next。 Just this,Actually, it’s already very troublesome。 “But you all,Actually, there is nothing to worry about。” “Because now,Actually, I feel,Next,We are all ready to […]

Zhao Hong does not follow,Xia Jian had to be honest,He reached into Zhao Hong’s clothes with both hands,Hold her tightly,Waiting for the happy time to come。


I haven’t been so tired for many days,Xia Jian and Zhao Hong were talking,Slowly fell asleep。He fell asleep,Sleep soundly,In the dream he and Zhao Hong kept entangled,So that he woke up with a smile from his dream。 The light has come in from under the curtains,The birds outside the house have been screaming。Xia Jian yawned […]

natural,One‘Long-term residency’,Definitely better than before Nirvana‘Beijing residency’Such as noble tens of thousands of times。


The average lineage of the terrestrial human race,With the help of Li Ming and other four people,Of course it’s more due to the struggle of countless human ancestors,Only reached the apprentice level,Ordinary members are only apprentice ninth rank—After all, there is too much human population today。 But the humans on earth,Almost all adults are constant […]

After continuous evolution、merger,And the imperial court’s wooing and suppression,so far,Nominally there are only 16 remaining,And these sixteen forces,In addition to the Five Elements Island, it belongs to six major forces,This Lingyun Pavilion is the weakest among the six forces,They even clung to Kingshun Palace。


Therefore, the elders are also seeking truth from facts,If you don’t want to be pinched to death,Must fight back,The lord of the youth palace used to be muddled,And Five Elements Island was crushed and beaten,It is difficult for the elders to make suggestions for counterattack,Now it’s very different,The counterattack is naturally the weaker the better,Lingyun […]

It can be said that there is no apple,There is no current Changxiang technology。


The 100 million U.S. dollars earned by selling the second system,Let Changxiang Technology have the capital to enter higher-level office spaces,And there is no apple cultivatedCEO,Wang Yufei doesn’t have the energy to develop Changxiang Technology to its current scale.。 So of course you should share the good news with your friends first。 “king,have to say,Received […]