Xia Jianmeng stopped,He didn’t know the reason,Can’t help but thump。It stands to reason that Chen Xiaolan’s marriage has nothing to do with him.,He can’t help but let the family not get married forever!


“Oh!This is a good thing!I will find a way to participate by then。It’s just that for Shuijing Village, another capable general was lost.”Xia Jian couldn’t help but sighed。 Chen Xiaolan smiled and said:“ I will not marry,My man married in” “Hi!This is a great thing,Why haven’t i heard you talk about it,Where is he from,What […]

The fight with the robbers just passed,The caravan continued on the next day,It seems that a few poor mercenaries have never been buried here。


———— Chapter Thirteen Journey2 Time quietly from the magnolia calendar4551Jump from late spring to summer。 The Gesa province of the Puang Empire is an important food production area for the empire,It is also a hub connecting north and south,Many merchants and travelers。There is a wide road in the north-south direction of Gesa province,The highway connects […]

And the other three,Including the Chief Executive Li Tan,It’s all because the day after tomorrow’s cultivation is strong and then promoted to the true god,to be honest,Their most primitive identity is the mortal in the ancestor mainland,The status is naturally far less than that of the descendants of ancient gods。


This gap in status is a gap that has been difficult to erase since the establishment of the rule of the gods,Plus a large number of mortals,There are actually two gaps in the mainland,Between mortals and gods,Between the descendants of the ancient gods and the new true gods。 Each has its own position and contradiction,More […]

When Long Xinhu saw this,At this time, the guards of the Wei family,Look at each other。


“strange,Why not Wang Teng?” One of them saw here,With a hint of curiosity on his face,Don’t forget to talk here。 Long Xinhu walked towards his eyes,I don’t forget to speak here。 “Let our boss come,in fact,No need。” “Solve you,Myself,That’s it!” When Long Xinhu is facing this side,I’m talking here with a vow。 Now,On the contrary, […]

“You haven’t seen her deity,Beautiful as a fairy,What a thief,Why treat her like this!”


“I heard it was an old beggar?” “How did I hear that it was a young tramp。” “You know what a fart,A place like Wutu,She is like a fairy,I’m sure everyone wants to have a bite,Think about being held in a dungeon,You are the head guarding the dungeon and can’t help it?” “do not talk,Please […]

Zhu Minglang is contending head-on with the eyeless evil dragon,Bai Qin’an has no idea when to go to the other side。


Snow white flying sword,Come without a trace,Every time I find the main body of the eyeless evil dragon,Even if the eyeless evil dragon was swallowed by hundreds of leeches,It’s impossible to be immortal,Especially under the siege of so many strong people。 Blood pouring like water from a dam,The body of the eyeless evil dragon is […]

Along the way,Two people kept talking,Unconsciously,The car has reached the west end of the street in Wuying Town,Dong Xuanxuan stopped the car to the side of the road and shouted:“Go down“She said,Stuffed a big envelope into Xia Jian’s arms。


“What do you mean?I said I can’t ask for this money“Xia Jian’s face changed and said。 Dong Xuanxuan snorted coldly:“Don’t pretend,How much money can you make in a month here?Besides, this little money is for my family,Just a little money,Don’t be polite,In case you get rich someday,You can pay me back the money,Even if I […]

This issue,Wang Lin told me when he left。She went to Zhangluhe Village,So she still has her own reserve price for this land。


Yao Junli said,Lu Hao has already held the meeting in advance,So the circulating price they proposed,These people,Results of joint research by leaders in Baozhen。So it’s difficult to change,At this point,Xia Jian knew very well。 “Several leaders,The land transfer price you gave is the highest in the entire Pingdu city。Because the first piece of land in […]

And comprehend【Light of mind】Time,Li Ming even fell into a brief coma,World tree in the primitive universe,Both the He Ling clone and the Demon Kill Clan clone produced an impact of will like immeasurable light.。


Under the impact of will,Even some strong human races close by were stunned by this will impact。 And around Ha Ling clone,There was a strong impact of will in an instant,However, those who can be closer to Li Ming’s area are the very powerful cosmic masters and even true gods.,Naturally, I won’t be fainted by […]

“Fifty meters away,That one is not easy。”


“I fight for so long,Haven’t seen,Someone who brings me a sense of danger。” “is it?” Song Ziyun heard this,Frowned。 Look at Lin Yu。 prior to,I didn’t pay attention to the surroundings。 All attention,Are all on the three elders of the Spirit Emperor Realm。 right now,I heard Feng Yao’s words,Then I looked at Lin Yu。 Chapter […]