Toxins with strong corrosion in creep,Because of the unacceptable skin,Can only leave the arm,Zi Yugu,Low falling after the ground。


“No problem,That person is not me.!” “Your monster,You are not humanity!” White hair teeth,Handle,Always fade 奈 何 廖文杰,The murd of murdling,Body flying quickly。 danger! Liao Wenjie is a cold,Take the knife to evaciate the original place。 Next second,Teenage expanded baconation as black ball,A black tentacle is saved,Surprise,Differential attacks on all sides。 Liao Wenjie flying back,Very […]

“According to the clues we have now and our inference,murdererALurking in23Inside the fire ladder,murdererBAt 2:41,Cut off23Layer power,The victim Wu Ming sent a text message to his wife at 2:43,The company separated at 2:44 and found that the elevator in the building was unavailable,And walk into the fire stairs,The murdererAKill Wu Ming between the 17th and 18th floors and leave the scene quickly,murdererBFrom the power control room to the surveillance video room,After destroying the image data with the companion’s figure,Also left the building at about 2:58。”


“Ok,If our idea is right,The timeline should indeed look like this。”Ai Jun holds his chest with one hand,The other hand supports the head,But the tone is still puzzled,“but……Why is this beyond our control??” “That’s the problem,We can infer the crime process,But on the other hand,Who could do something like this?”Di Minglei propped his hands on […]

Seeing this guy is so fierce,Xia Jian didn’t dare to be careless,Body shake。The machete in Zhang Zihao’s hand wiped his body with a strong wind and chopped it down。


These thugs who followed Zhang Zihao were also shocked in a cold sweat。This cut,If you really split Xia Jian in half,This is a life!Even if you Zhang Zihao is cowhide,I’m afraid it will take a lot of trouble to settle this matter。 But just when these people were worried about Xia Jian’s life,Don’t know how […]

Pang Rong’s house is very impressive,The yard is two hundred square meters,And the small building is like the small hall of institutions that Li Tianchou has seen before。The main building is north-south,At least four rooms per floor,The turned side building is going east-west,There are also two rooms on each floor。The door on the first floor faces south,And the gate of the courtyard opens to the east,Looks pretty particular about Feng Shui。


It’s just a black light in the door on the first floor,The small upstairs is in a mess。The sound of screaming and cursing reached with a gunshot.*,Then calm down immediately。 “The layout of the four bosses here is really ingenious,My brother is eye-opener。It’s a pity that such a good place was abruptly by me,No wonder […]

what happened,Why such a thing,Let him run into Zhao Shijie。


So next,When Zhao Shijie saw this,Zhao Shijie stepped forward directly。 “Kid,who are you,I’m talking to you,Didn’t you hear?” When Zhao Shijie’s remarks are finished,at this time,Wang Teng turned around,It’s like I just saw Zhao Shijie。 “Whoops,There is another person here,I didn’t notice just now。” “Waiter?,Hurry up and serve,What are you waiting for?” Wang Teng saw […]

“Scorching sun,Also in different directions,There are some visual illusions in the organ city。”Nan Lingsha pointed her finger at Heaven。


Zhu Minglang look up,It turns out that the sun, which should have gradually risen eastward, appeared behind him…… I’ve been walking towards the east just now。 So to say,Now they are heading west? The direction is completely confused! “Nor can we rely on the sky to judge the south, east and northwest,This institution city is […]

Guo Yinzhe immediately leaned down to check,It seemed to be a strange-looking item buried in the mine.。


“Hey!Hey!Hey!”Guo Yinzhe panting and holding a spare shovel to continue digging,Until the blisters that have worn out the calluses in the hands are worn out again,Just dug out that item。 “There is a loop handle!” Guo Yinzhe holds the handle with his hand,Lift it from the ore pile,A lamp-shaped object appeared in front of him。 […]

beatXXXThe emperor is not difficult,Can be killed but not easy。


but,Want to kill with confidenceXXXEmperor,Even the peak Daojun ranked first‘Wine saint’Not necessarily sure。Li Ming is the same,Every aspect of the ultimate formation is complete,But it’s definitely not as good as ultimate kendo in pure attack、Knife。 “The eternal emperor has endless life,As long as I fail once,XXXThe emperor went straight into the endless darkness,I can’t do […]

Act“Rebellious”Girl,Water is turned,Take the initiative:“what?Chu brother is also,Why don’t you reveal??”


Wang Xiaofeng also looked at the Chu Deirers at this time.,Similarly:“I heard Chu Xiong and the blood knife old ancestors,I don’t know if I can ask for one or two.?” Surrounding iron disciple,Also followed——There is not much big thing.,Everyone is very normal.,And in emotions, they also biased the familiar bell swordsman,Not to give Master to […]