“We surrender。”at last,The physical training woman lowered her head,I don’t have the same pride on my face。


Fighting with Wu Zong for this brocade box,Is a small family,There are three of them,All men。 Originally they wanted to shoot Zhu Minglang and Nan Lingsha too,After all, the city deed is in their hands,But they haven’t waited for them to use their power,I saw the two of Wu Zong easily defeated…… They looked at […]

“Let’s go!”


At this moment,Gou Hui said to Fang Yu。 time,It’s too early! “young people……Do you have a way?” When Fang Yu and Gou Hui are leaving,The middle-aged man ran over anxiously and asked。 Because just now,Fang Yu saw the clue。 but,If the ambulance arrives in time,No surprises。 There should still be hope! “You can save my […]

Finally took a vacation,Xia Jian slept till nine o’clock in the morning.,Later, Zhao Hong grabbed his ears and pulled him up。


“Damn!Will you let me sleep a little longer?A total of seven points off,Don’t even think about sleeping well in the new year。These three days are over,Ready to go to work immediately,Really exhausted“Xia Jian was wearing clothes,Whispered。 Zhao Hong sighed and said:“Today is the twenty-ninth Chinese New Year,Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve。You are still the head […]

Five months later。


A fat mouse collapsed in the jungle without an image。 “Finally passed the test~”Beibei looks unlovable。 Wright sets up a test for Lin Lei and Beibei—to be exact,It’s not easy to let your big disciple set the test。 With lei’s talent,Enough to fight the ultimate master of the sanctuary in human form,Dia counts him through。 […]

slowly,Looked in front of you,Zhao Sikang himself,Even more directly。


“All right,Actually now,There is no need to continue to consume。” “It looks to me,These things,Almost ready,Then next,We can also start directly!” When Zhao Sikang’s words are finished,This moment,It looks like Zhao Sikang,How to deal with this matter。 Just these,In fact, it has become very difficult。 And when Zhao Sikang said this,at this time,Others nodded one […]

“In fact, I don’t know much about it.、Not seen,only《Medicinal》Note。The cold should be the opening of the Tianmen.,A spirit beast that will begin,Cold, can enter the medicine,However, the cold poison is extremely heavy……”


《Medicinal》The hard work is not seen,But for these Qizhen records,It is very comprehensive and precious! Here, the body, the body began to knock out、That is, the so-called millennium,It is indeed the characteristics of the cold。 And now the symptoms of small dragons,Cheng Lingu feels some like use“Cold and gallbladder”Incubation,But there is no tune and its […]

At this time, Ding Road is constantly investigated.,Things have also made a deep progress,He feels this is a case,If a lot of people will be involved in the case,At first, he still hesitated.。


But after the wife is ever.,Daughter-in-law, unswervingly supports his eyes,The words,Let him do this bold decision。 Uncomfortable,He is also ready to be alone this time.。 Just when he is ready to go out,Zheng Tiancheng’s phone is also hitting。 “Ding Da Ge,We already have major discovery but need your support.。” I heard the words of Zheng […]

Xia Jian has a lot of experience in this area,He feels faintly disturbed。Lin Ling is like a okay person,I want to walk side by side with Xia Jian。But Xia Jian found this strange,He couldn’t help but quicken his pace,In two seconds, Lin Ling was thrown away a long way。


Lin Ling confused,Why did Xia Jian throw her away。Does Xia Jian feel ashamed to walk with her??Shouldn’t be!The face-saving Lin Ling was greatly hurt in her heart。 She couldn’t help slowing down,She doesn’t want to chase Xia Jian anymore。But at this moment,Her phone rang,Lin Ling took out a look,This call turned out to be from […]

“what~How does this sound good news for you,Not good news for me……Bad news?”


“The wound you opened when you rescued me was only about 4 cm,Now struggling,The wound is about six centimeters apart,Your original is a sharp wound,Neat wound,After the suture, you can leave the hospital for a day or two,Now this is a torn open wound,Estimated to be hospitalized for half a month……In addition, your wound will […]