Shuxiang reading sharing civilization


The event site. Gan Xiao’s book is far away, ink to the constant. The last week of May every year is the national public library service publicity week. From May 25th to 31st, Beiliu City is the theme of "the beauty of the world, the beauty", focusing on the establishment of a national civilized city […]

Teacher home is isolated from her class


  "Teacher Yang, our learning utensils are ready, you can start class. "Yesterday morning, the math class of the twenty-second middle school, the 21st Middle School Alliance School, the squad leader just reported, the teacher Yang Xiaofeng’s voice came up from the big screen:" The students are good Below we started class, this lesson we came […]

Shandong: Enterprise Road "Cloud Path", Qingdao Blue Valley is "Red Niang"


People’s Network Qingdao March 7th (Sun Lin) On March 5th, in order to solve the difficulty of financing SMEs, Qingdao Blue Valley Authority, Shandong Province, held the "Scholars" online performance and docking meeting, 13 professional investment Institutions and 6 banks participate, through the preliminary multi-wheel selection, and finally determine 7 companies to conduct online project […]

Robot maintenance train station reduction top efficiency is 3 times higher than human work


Original title: Robot maintenance train station reduction top efficiency is three times higher than the labor operation, the first reducing top of the national railway "demolition, washing, installed" automated production line research project, in China Railway Harbin Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Harbin South Railway Station passed the expert group test. The acceptance results show that […]

The accumulated donation of social organizations in the region is 10.58 million yuan


  On November 11, the reporter learned from the Civil Affairs Department of the Autonomous Region that, as of now, more than 170 social organizations in the region participated in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and cumulative donated payment of 10.58 million yuan.   According to reports, after the epidemic situation, the Autonomous Region Civil […]

Shenmu Class holds the 2020th College Student Science and Technology Innovation Project Topic Acceptance and Work Show


On November 9, Shenmu Vocational and Technical College was held in the college library of college students in 2020, the second batch of college students’ scientific and technological innovation projects. Li Jianfa, director of the school academic committee, Li Jianfa, deputy director, Li Changchun, Li Changchun, deputy director, Guo Yafang, and the principal of Wang […]

Shitan County, Anhui Province: "Three Force" Qifa incentives to the village-level collective economic development


In order to further promote the continued healthy development of the village collective economy, nearly, Shitai County, Anhui Province, issued the "Interim Measures for the Inspirational Village-level Collective Economic Development Award", through 30 specific measures, fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative, and Creative, providing powerful support for promoting rural residence. Clear range excitation clear gain source. […]

Secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial Emergency Management Office, Director Wu Bin visited the retired old cadres


On November 11th, the end of Yixiang, the provincial emergency management department, Li Wu Bin, through the visit, held a symposium, etc., visited the condolences to some retired old comrades, understand their health, retirement and participation in social organization activities. The situation is briefly introduced to the old comrades to the main work of the […]

The civil affairs system in Tibet Autonomous Region launched a practical action for the difficult people


Original title: Autonomous Region civil affairs system to carry out special action for difficult people to do practical learning education, solve the problem of basic living security issues, solve the problem of basic living security issues, recently, the Autonomous Region Civil Affairs Bureau Printing and Distributing "Exercise and Warm Cards" Action Implementation Plan , Focus […]

Orange Business Services assists the French Space Administration to achieve data-centric strategic transformation through cloud-based data lake


OrangebusinessServices Lead Industry Association Protection and Store Data of French Space Agency A new generation of data lakes can accommodate 100PB Space Data France Space Authority (CNES) Choose from OrangeBusinessServices to lead HPE, Scality and Tealenium and other industry association members, for their scientific data and space data design , Deploy and maintain a new […]