Congtong two sides of the joint development – a review of the 13th Strait Forum

  Congcong two sides of the joint development – the 13th Strait Forum Summary [Direct Channel Forum] Guangming Daily reporter Gao Jianjin Wang Jinhu Ma Yuehua 13th Strait Forum Recently held in Xiamen. In-depth implementation of the important instructions issued by the General Secretary of the Popular Secretary to Fujian Province, continued to carry out the combination of "expanding private exchanges, deepening the integration development", adopting online and offline, centralized and dispersed combined manners IM exchange activities. The main venue is located in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China and the city of Peacetan Comprehensive Experimental Area.

  This session held 56 activities, including the offers of Taiwan’s relevant party representatives, Taiwan organizer, and Taiwan industry elites, community responsible persons, workers and blue women, township villages, farming and fishing, folk faith, etc. Guest 5000 People, including about 2,000 Taiwan guests during centralized activities.

  Focusing the Civil Exchange Strait Forum The 3rd Creative Graffiti Grand Prix is ??the theme of "Rongtong Cross-Straits," through graffiti this widely popular ", enhancing the cognition and understanding of the Chinese traditional culture, letting both sides of the strait Communication is more energetic.

Since the launch of the event in May this year, the event has been published on the major universities and social groups on both sides, and receiving nearly 100 original design.

Cross-strait experts and scholars form a joint jury, selecting the five works into the peripheral game, and adding a colorful scenery to the Best Summit to add a colorful scenery. This session has highlighted the characteristics and needs of two-strait youth blending innovation, further establishing activities such as the Straits Youth Forum, Crusland Creative Graffiti Competition, adding the integration activities of Fujian and Taiwan Science and Technology Education, New Media Development Exchange Forum and Fu Taiwan Forum, etc., promote young exchanges often have new, continuously promote the depth integration of the Youth of Fujian and Taiwan, motivate them to dream as sails, dreams. Survey the people’s livelihood of people’s livelihood around the two sides of the grassroots people, this Strait Forum holds the ICR, Minsheng Meteorological, Public Welfare, People Forum and Workers, Women, Disabled People and other forum activities, fully showing that the private exchange between the two sides of the strait cannot be stopped, can’t Broken, unable to be less determination and confidence, driving grassroots exchanges and go deep.

  Pay attention to economic development "Fujian and Taiwan have complementarily complementarity in agricultural cooperation, and has a unique advantage.

Wu Jiaying, executive vice president of Taiwan compatriots investment enterprise association, "Currently, the mainland revitalization strategy is fully implemented, the government has continued to increase the investment in agricultural rural areas, and the vast rural areas will provide a good development opportunity for both sore practitioners. Taiwan’s excellent agricultural variety, advanced planting processing technology, modern management development concept, plus the land of the mainland, good policies, huge markets, cross-strait agriculture close to collaboration, can bring rural common prosperity. "This forum is close to the" 14th Five-Year Plan "development plan, surrounding the current economic development hot spot, sharing the new achievements of the exhibition between the two sides of the innovation and fusion development and post-epidemic situation, Fujian, the new achievements of the high-quality development transcendence; focusing the village revitalization, technology Innovation, green economy, digital economy and other themes, hold two-strait urban-rural community development and social governance forum, cross-strary special towns exchange docking and rural industrial integration development forums, etc. Promote high quality development; host Taiwanese talents Southwest (Xiamen) diverting meeting, providing more than 1600 high-quality internship employment, encouraging and supporting more people to actively integrate new development patterns for Taiwan youth, to take root "First Home", Sharing policy bonus. Exhibition of integration results "Last year, I came to the mainland of the motherland, and the company founded in Xiamen.

In June this year, I went to Gansu to see the Yellow River in Gansu. I feel like I have entered the historical textbook. I am very excited in my heart. I have a bottle of Yellow River water to bring it back. Many Taiwanese friends know, the first reaction is the ‘Yellow River Is the water really yellow? ‘.

"Yunlai Yipin Travel (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. found a Huang Qijia said," From this matter, Taiwan youth does not understand the culture of mainland China.

So, I hope that through their own efforts, use the new media’s power to use Taiwan youth in the mainland’s perspective, better, better, more completely to Taiwan youth. "This session surrounds the promotion of the promotion of the development of the Strait of the Taiwan Straits in the development of the Taiwan Strait, the proposal, and the promotion of the development of the Taiwan Strait, the establishment of Taiwan Enterprises.

Through the exchange of exchange activities such as Industrial and Commerce Forum on the Straits, the Straits Financial Forum · Taiwan Enterprise Development Summit, and the representative of the Taiwan Enterprises in various fields, and in-depth, in-depth, in-depth, in-depth, in-depth investment, practice training, and build the first The wonderful stories of the home, the consciousness of "cross-strait fate community" in Taiwan compatriots and participation in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is constantly enhanced. This session also focuses on the ancestral culture, non-legacy cultural, and collars culture, etc., organized the same name of the same name, the traditional craftsmanship (non-legacy project), the cross-strait college forum, etc., especially the characteristics of all China, held Mazu, Guan Emperor, Zhu Zi, Chen Jingu and other folk cultural exchanges, promoting the inheriting of the outstanding traditional culture, promoting the soul of cross-strait compatriots. "Guangming Daily" (December 13, 2021).