Burning! Henan Public Security Tour Special Police Western Coordination Zone Sandfield Autumn

The drill sets a total of five kilometers of armed attack, red blue against two subjects.

In the five-kilometer cross-country subject, it is designed to turn over the tactic ladder, break the attack, and the heavy strikes, and enhance the pertiance of the subject. In the red-blue subject, the exercise headquarters reflects the actual combat of the drill according to the geographical characteristics of the Yushan District, using the Western Mountains. Set the drill difficulty. During the drill, each participating police force comprehensively applied drone investigation, police aggressive, police dog synergy, and improved the level of exercise synthesis. At the same time, relying on military and civilian integration enterprises, use the command, single soldier 4G map transmission and other equipment, and realize the field image, the sound real-time transmission, and provides the commander to go to the operational directive, deploying offensive measures. In the drill, each portrait unit in turn inspected the emergency assembly, motor development, armed rushing, moving command, assault attack and other operations.

All participants have closely cooperated, collaborative combat, hard work, heroic combat, showing the strong tactical skills of Henan public security police, high-spirited spiritual style and dare to fight the firm belief.

The Henan Provincial Public Security Department of the Police Committee of the Secretary of the Police Committee of the Henan Provincial Public Security Bureau said that the drill subjects are novel, and the exercise content is close to the actual combat, adopting the full process, the "red blue confrontation" of the whole process, and fully inspect the command of the patrol special police team. , Collaborative, combat, security, providing valuable experience in Henan patrol real trainees. Henan Special Patrol will not move unswervingly, and strive to build a public security iron army that has been politically determined, loyal and reliable, discipline, and hard work. (Editor: Huang Sha, Xu Chi) Sharing let more people see.