Internet users’ marriage investigation reveals the concept of marriage

Internet users’ marriage investigation reveals the concept of marriage

Hangzhou News The “2008 Chinese Internet Users Marriage Survey Report” was officially released yesterday in the “Capital of Love” Hangzhou, which revealed the reason why there are more “leftover women” than “leftover men” in reality.

  It is reported that this is China’s first specifically targeted at 2.

A survey and analysis report on marriage themes made by 100 million netizens.

This report comprehensively analyzes the main characteristics of the current life style of Chinese single netizens. The content covers the status of marriage, stress, behaviors, and channels.

  The survey shows that the most ideal age for men to marry is after 30 years old, while women’s chances of marriage decrease gradually from 25 years old.

More than 90% of women believe that the ideal marriage age for women is 23 to 26 years old, and about 80% of women think that men in the next year are the most suitable for marriage.

At 25?
At the age of 35, men’s favorability increases with age.

Even women who are still allowed to marry at the age of 35 are willing to marry him. The 40-year-old “don’t confuse men” still has 15.

2% of women come to choose him.

  Below the rank, the ideal marriage age is cruel to women.

65% of men think that the ideal marriage is 25 years old?
28 year old female.

Their marriage chances have plummeted since the age of 28; when women are 30, they have 25.

5% of men think that marrying her is barely possible; at the age of 35, it was only 12.

5% of men can accept it.

  Although official statistics indicate that the total number of men in China currently exceeds that of women, in reality it seems that there are always more women left than men left.

It is not difficult to find the answer in the “2008 Chinese Internet Users Marriage Investigation Report”.

  Professor Jiang Ganjin, a psychologist at Zhejiang University who participated in this survey, believes that due to various factors, women are usually younger than men. “It is also 25 years old. Men can choose girls from 20 to 25 years old., But a 25-year-old woman has a hard time accepting a 20-year-old boy.

“As a result, the magnitude of marriage pressure on women.

  Yan Shan, head of the Hangzhou Service Center of China Matchmaking Network who participated in the writing of this report, believes that work and life pressures are the reason for the gradual marriageable age of men.

  Based on comprehensive survey data, the report believes that there is a large gap between men and women’s expectations for marriage, and that disorder in marriage is an unavoidable reality.