“You mean……”

“brother,Are you talking about auto finance consumer loans in European and American countries??”Yuan Jia just started,The little cousin said happily:“I think our country should have liberalized this policy long ago。”
Yuan Jia immediately forgot what she was about to say,Road of surprise:“What?In a foreign country,You can get a loan when you buy a car?”
Of course the Chen family has a car,As the main leader of the Magic City Security Area,Chen Hongjun has vehicles and guards provided by the unit,As for Yuan Jia,Although the unit did not provide a car,But with Chen Geng, my nephew,Is it possible that I can still be wronged?Yuan Jia can be regarded as the first group of people in the magic city to own a private car,Her car is a new century with automatic transmission——Chen Geng wanted to get a better car for his mother,But Yuan Jia don’t。
The house I live in is a security zone house,The car was given by my nephew,The salary of the couple is basically not used,Yuan Jia who doesn’t have to worry about the house and the car,The concept of buying things still stays at“Pay in one hand、First-hand delivery”The stage。
My cousin has been abroad for several years,Hear words,Immediately explained to my mother:“Of course,mom,Don’t you know,Abroad,Big to the house、Car,Home appliances as small as refrigerators,Can be paid in installments,The reason why the automobile industry in western countries can develop,Installments helped a lot。”
Yuan Jia nodded repeatedly,Although she never thought of taking a loan,But it’s not that it’s not inhumane,I know that for many families,Buying a large item is a big burden for the family,For example, when the per capita salary was only thirty or forty yuan in the early years,A family has to save money for two or three years before buying a bicycle,But this may not be enough,Maybe you have to borrow something from relatives and friends when things come.,If you paid for the bicycle in installments earlier,,Don’t you need to be favored??
Also really understand this,Yuan Jiacai said in surprise:“Chen Geng,Do you think about the loan to buy a car?……We can also operate here?”
“Of course it can,”Chen Geng nodded affirmatively:“Actually the company has,It’s just that there is currently no relevant policy in China,It’s a rim shot,But we have been doing this for several years,The effect is remarkable,Not only did not cause any damage to the country,Instead, the bank made a lot of money,What I heard from the bank,It seems that banks are more active in promoting auto finance loans。”
Yuan Jia responded,Although she doesn’t know how much money the bank made from it,But anyhow, they are also people in the system,If Chen Geng is right,Then the bank certainly made no less money through this auto finance loan,Otherwise, it will not be actively promoting this matter。Thought of this,She became more and more complacent:The automotive industry design company that my son wants to do,Still somewhat spectral,But the premise is to get the support of Chen Geng, my cousin.。
Thought of this,Yuan Jia doesn’t fight against Chen Geng,Ask directly:“Chen Geng,Auntie, I just said directly:Do you really think this automotive industry design company can do?”
“Yes,Can do。”Chen Geng nodded without hesitation。
“Then can you stay next to your brother……”
Yuan Jia hasn’t finished speaking yet,I heard my old mother meant to let my cousin take him to play,Little cousin is not happy:“mom,What are you talking about?Just my idea……”
“shut up!”Yuan Jia’s face sank:“Don’t think i don’t know what you think,I just ask you,Not to mention whether you can find enough capital to start this company,Even if you can really start this company,Can you find enough business to feed this company?Or do you really plan to let your brother find you a living to support this car design company?Ok?”