As the saying goes“Brothers concentric,Its profit。”

Ding Kelan in a dream,Thinking about how to communicate with Ye Xingkong,Only communication can reach consensus,To have a chance to escape here。
Ding Kelan’s enlightenment teaching Ye Xingkong speak human language,Let him understand everyday language,Facilitate future communication。
Ye Xingkong is very interested in human language,Actively cooperate。From knowing the name and pronunciation of the object,Ye Xingkong can listen attentively。
While teaching,Combination of physical object and pronunciation,such as“spaceship”The word,After the word is pronounced,Let Ye Xingkong identify,Until Ye Xingkong points to the real thing。
A wish to teach、A wish to learn,Not long,Although Ye Xingkong didn’t speak,But basically understand,A little longer,Slowly no longer have difficulties in basic daily communication。
After the rain,The air at the bottom of the cliff is moist and fresh。
You can clearly see the fish playing in the stream。
Yagudi,How to solve food and clothing,See fish,Ding Kelan discovered the New World。
Ding Kelan saw Ye Xingkong made a few tines with wooden sticks before,Tools are always ready。
He proposed to Ye Xingkong:“At night we improve our lives,How about catching some fish to eat?”
Ye Xingkong said nothing,Took the fork,Jump into the water,A few beautiful agile moves,Not long afterwards,A few small fish are in the net bag。
Ye Xingkong’s flexible fishing just now,Ding Kelan was shocked,It’s a knight,If living in ancient times,That’s a master of martial arts,Foot water、Jump high、Standing stone,Fast and accurate。
The thought of having a great dinner,Ding Kelan is refreshing。
Soon,Ye Xingkong caught a few fish,Go back and bake it。
Ding Kelan starts to help cook,The two cooperated tacitly。
Think of the previous few days,Learned to eat“Dried shrimp”Kind of food,Is the mountain insects caught at night,Nausea、Retching。
I tried several meals in a row,Until I’m hungry,To hungry,Not eating means not being able to survive,I want to eat when I see food,Only yield limited conditions。