“I don’t know if King Sedum still remembers the previous City Lord of the Heavens?Zhutian City’s world coordinates are also available,Big Sedum thinks that Big Yingzheng will attack Zhutian City?”

Nezha looked at the blank Sedum before him,Said quietly,He remembers clearly,There seems to be something between the girl in Zhutian City and Sedum,therefore,Nezha feels he has to remind Jingtian。
The Yingzheng tycoon will attack Zhutian City soon,If Jing Tian really has anything to do with the city lord of the heavens,Think about the countermeasures early。
“Mu Qingge, the lord of Zhutian City??Some impression,but,so what?Ying Zheng can do whatever he wants,not my business。”
“Nezha group members seem to have misunderstood my relationship with Mu Qingge, the lord of Zhutian City,Trust me,I really don’t know her,Not so good。”
Jingtian heard what his friend Nezha told,Said helplessly,Nezha, how stupid does this guy think he is,To ask for trouble,Too much involvement with Mu Qingge, the lord of the city of heaven and effect?
His character doesn’t like to be nosy,Especially for the existence of cause and effect,I don’t want to provoke me at all,Isn’t it bad to enjoy his fairy life peacefully??
“If this is the case,That’s it,I just hope I really think more,but,If i remember correctly,Mu Qingge, the city lord of Zhutian City, seemed to have a quasi-fourth-tier strength before,I don’t know if there is an advanced fourth-level。”
“Anyway, in the Great Qin Dynasty, there should only be a fourth-order master of Yingzheng.,If you wait until Zhang Chulan’s group members and the young man help Su finish their battle with those Fang Xiaoqian worlds,The next goal of the Great Qin Dynasty will definitely be Zhutian City。”
“And with the strength of Mu Qingge, the Lord of the Heavens City,I’m afraid that only the tycoon Yingzheng will do it himself,Can be foolproof,but,King Sedum also knows the strength of Ying Zheng。”
“Yingzheng is the first group member to join the chat group,The lord of a thousand worlds,Strength is definitely the deepest hidden among Tier 4 members。”
“At that time, the Yingzheng tycoon will take the shot himself,There are only two choices in front of the Lord of the Heavens City,Or die,Then Ying Zheng masters the city of heaven,The Great Qin Dynasty will never stop。”
“And another option,Surrender,I don’t know how the Lord of the Heavens City would choose,I only hope that Big Sedum doesn’t really have much to do with the Lord of the City of Heaven。”