“Let him go home,At most, it is sentenced to three years or suspended,As long as he disappears, nothing will happen!”

After I got a definite answer,Call Li Qiankun immediately。
After Li Qiankun listened to my explanation,Agree to return home to accept sanctions!
The domestic side immediately sent people to help Li Qiankun return,Embark on the way home through a private plane of a rich man。
Li Qiankun just left,The Australian police surrounded his residence。
I rushed in and found it was empty inside!
They are one step late。
After I know this,Can’t help but be afraid。
If it’s later,It’s another ending soon!
Li Qiankun was taken away by the police after he landed in Beijing,,a week later,He was free。
Someone related to him had an accident,Caused a large number of people to enter the horn!
Li Qiankun explained something,Helped recover a lot of stolen money。
Be a crime,So I didn’t lock him in。