the next day,Sunshine,Xiao Fan slowly opened his eyes,Today he should go back to Lin’s house,A tricky thing,Could not help

Xiao Fan gets up to wash,Plan to pack your luggage in the morning,Accompany Mr. Fan to a meal at noon,Simple farewell,Go home in the afternoon。
But suddenly it occurred to Shen Lin,Can’t help but startled,That young man should be gone,Otherwise it’s really a trouble。
He finished,Plan to take a walk in the villa,Think independently about the way forward,Actually he doesn’t want anything anymore,He didn’t care about those things outside。
But those who can work harder,He always thinks about his friends,If not because of him,Sometimes his friends won’t get into trouble。
He walked to the small lake,Sat down on a nearby swing。
I thought Mr. Fan would really enjoy life,Xiao Fan feels that Greenwood Villa should be the most suitable place to live in.,A place for self-cultivation。
“Who,Hiding,Be careful that Mr. Fan’s mechanism hurts you。”Xiao Fan said leisurely,When he first arrived, he found Shen Lin behind him。
“You found me long ago,I just want to ask you for advice,no other meaning。”Shen Lin lowered his head and said。
Xiao Fan stood up,Look back towards Shen Lin,This kid,Actually very talented,Is a good seed,Maybe it can be cultivated as a future successor。
But not now,Shen Lin is unstable now,Still a child,Why not put him here,Self-cultivation,Can still be with Fan Lao。
Thought of this,Xiao Fan felt that his decision was very correct,This is the best of both worlds。
“I’m leaving this afternoon,It’s not that I can’t learn from you,But don’t you understand now?”Xiao Fan asked Shen Lin。
Shen Lin nodded without understanding,Asked:“Not now when is that,Where can I find you again?”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“You don’t have to go anywhere,Waiting for me in this villa,During this time,You improve yourself,Comprehend life,If you do well,I will arrange a very important task for you。”
Shen Lin heard that there is a very important task to give him,Happy to forget the previous words for a while,Nod directly。
Xiao Fan is a little helpless,I had to emphasize it again,Say:“From today on, you will be from the Green Forest Villa,You have to stay here,Guard here,Protect Fan Lao,Understand?”
“I’m not that old yet,How can I protect me with a hairy boy。”Fan Lao didn’t know when he came to Shen Lin。