Although Yangliu’s personality is cheerful,But after all, I didn’t grow up in a normal family,Surface sunlight,It’s just to cover up the inferiority complex inside。

She often suffers from gains and losses,One thing will think twice,Compare carefully,Can make up his mind to do it,This is also a sign of insecurity。
She can’t choose her origin,Did nothing wrong,I don’t want to see pity in Huo Yunhe’s eyes,That will make her feel like she’s gradually becoming filthy。
The second reincarnation of a woman is marriage,Yangliu didn’t seize the opportunity,Did not follow Wang Ruikai’s advice,Tell Huo Yunhe the prank in time,Hesitate for a while,Happiness passed her by。
The two intersecting straight lines extend again,Her life,changed。
Today’s party is very successful,Willow loves to play and laugh,Soon mingle with them,Especially He Huandong,Bluffing like a pistachio,One by one,Amused Yang Liu burst into laughter。
Huo Yunhe looked at his girlfriend’s bright smiling face,I feel so warm in my heart,I just don’t understand the code words they say,beans、Raikage.What the hell are they?Someday she must be tried,See what other secrets she doesn’t know。
When I came home,It’s almost early morning,Yun Minzhi heard the car rang,Rubbing sleepy eyes,Go downstairs to make honey water for my son。
“mom,Why are you still up?”
When Huo Yunhe came in,I saw my mother sitting on the sofa in the living room,The brewed honey water is placed on the coffee table。
A warm current surges through my heart,Picked up the honey water and drank it,“Thank you mom,Don’t care about me anymore,I will do it myself。”
Son considerate,Yun Minzhi is very pleased,“Yunhe,You have a girlfriend,Why are you still living at home??”
Huo Yun and the hand holding the cup shake,Almost fell to the ground,Brothers just kidding,Why is my mom so trendy??
He remembers when his cousin had a boyfriend,Mother is like auntie,Why did you get here,Everything has changed?
Don’t fuck this thing,Also changing with men and women?There should be some,Give up when you shouldn’t have?
Steady mind,Put the cup,“mom,It is late,Go to sleep。”