Holy Lord found himself under that power,There is almost no reaction time,Was hurt,If it weren’t for that power, it doesn’t seem to be malicious,I’m afraid he has fallen right now。

The Holy Lord instantly regains perception,I glanced suspiciously at this ordinary person in front of me,Then I set my eyes on the sky,He has a hunch,The previous strength,From the sky。
“Oh,I just remembered,Your Excellency does not understand the horror of the monster family,So I forgot to tell you that I was in the big formation,No creature can put perception outside the big array,This is not malicious,But to protect ourselves。”
“As long as there are creatures in the big formation, they will release their perceptions,Will be directly cut off those perceptions,Because the ability of the monster clan is too weird,And there is a strange fog in the land where the monsters live,It’s better in the big formation。”
“Outside the big array,If the weak are exposed to the weird fog,Will be directly corroded by those weird mists,The whole person will fall completely silently,The kind of soul flying away。”
“I was negligent,Forgot to remind you,Please forgive me。”
Luo Chen saw this stranger called the Holy Master suddenly raised a few steps back,Face change,Obviously injured,I instantly recalled the incident his father warned him,Said with a wry smile。
He didn’t expect,This foreigner called the Holy Master is really impatient,I can’t wait for him to introduce the capabilities of Dazhen,Just so eager to release perception,Want to perceive those monsters。
It turned out well,Directly injured by the big formation,No wonder he,Luo Chen really didn’t expect,This foreigner called the Holy Master looks like a cruel heart,Scheming existence。
Who ever thought this guy was different from the outside?,So impulsive,I haven’t asked him what role the big formation has,I was eager to perceive the situation outside the big array,It really opened up Luo Chen’s eyes。
“So this is the power of the big formation?So powerful,It seems that this transaction cannot go ahead,Even if it’s me now,Not an opponent of this big formation,Not to mention the monster family。”
“Although the mask in my hand is powerful,But the world is stronger,but,Zhutian Devil Pawnshop can still help guests。”
“I wonder if the guest wants to escape the current predicament??This precarious life,I think the guests are already bored,and,The guests must want to change their lives,But not that ability。”
“Zhutian Devil Pawnshop can help guests find a world suitable for the normal life of guests and other creatures,At that time, guests and other creatures can go through the Devil’s Gate to a new world,Restart。”
“As for the price,Or pay,It’s not something an ordinary person can afford,Every creature that passes through the gate of the devil,After paying a sufficient price,To go to that new world。”
Chapter 329 Immortal
“I wonder if the customer wants to make this transaction?”