“Listen to the six brother,Rui Rui Dressed as the same text of the school’s special agent to follow one of the spies!Six brothers you followed!”

“You will let the old six go herself!?”Xu Baichuan complained,
“Four brothers!The six brothers don’t let us follow.!It should be worried that we have alarmed the devil special agent!”
“You just said that the old six let go of the ritual?”Wear,
“It seems to be rumored by yourself as a spy,Six brothers said it is very likely this time we can catch the Japanese fish.!”
“Ha ha!This is really the west side is not bright.!”I still have fun.,Shen Hongyuan, they let Fu Ying run.,Zheng Yaoxian and Qi Rui cracked a devil spy group.!
Shen Hongzhang listened to it very embarrassment:“boss!I will check and get into contact with Huang Youxian.!”
“Qin Huide!Huang Youxian is your question!You go to cooperate with the survey!Be sure to find who is reported to Fu Yingxue!”David,
Zheng Yao first found 锐 顺 顺 号,It is a bungalow in front of you,Ruined pointed to a small yard:“Six brother!The village is undergoing this yard.!I observed.,This is a very ordinary small courtyard,I turned over a circle.,After the village entered, there was only one room to lit the lamp.,There should be no a few people inside!”
Zheng Yao first asked:“When I was in the business, I said that I said that I said a Mount Fuji.?”
“Six brother!If the somewhere of the code Mount Fuji is here,At the level of this special agent, you should be higher than those!Six brother!The tree planting trees in the village can be used in two documents.!We have to hurry,I am worried that they will burn off the file.!”Ritual,
Zheng Yao first thought about it:“Ritual!Do you think we two??!”
Qi Rui knows that comrades of kite are taking yourself,Say:“Six brother!We are afraid that we will not do,Because this bungalow has back door,Rear window,This wall can get over the past,In addition, a few people in the room we don’t know,More than three we are two people, I am afraid I can’t blocked.,There is another tree in the village.,If I put the leg, I will definitely use it.!So we need to support!In this way!”
Zheng Yao first praised the noddion:“well said!You are staring here,I am going to call people.!”
Zheng Yao first gave a phone call back to the specialist office and stared at the front and backs, respectively.,In less than 30 minutes, Xu Baichuan personally took a move team.,At the command of Zheng Yao, the special agent surrounded by this yard.,Then there were a few skills, and the wall entered the yard. Direct door broke into the house.。
A few guns,Rui Rong also rushed in,Three spies were controlled at the price of two special injuries.,The crowded trees in the village have seen the wow wow.,At this time, he has understood that he and the ferry are all in this Chinese agent.。
Three special agents were arrested,Rui Rui seized one of the people, the documents brought by under the village have gave Zheng Yao first.:“Six brother!It seems that they are also handed over to others.!It should be very important!”
Zheng Yao first opened the file directly to open the eyes,Xu Baichuan said:“Four brothers!You have a few people to search here.!Waiting for the firm and we will meet!In addition, these three spits can be optimistic.!It is best to send back to the special agent!”
“Do yourself give me peace of mind!”Xu Baichuan commanded the three special skills to bundle with the rope after hand,Throw it directly to the truck。
Zheng Yongxian and Qi Rui return to the office to the Fate side,I have no passive over here.,just ask:“Six brother!There is a dark hand in the file cabinet,There is a safe inside!There are also some files and a lot of money.,How do we deal with??”
Zheng Yao first sees no people,Rumor:“Take the inside file and part of the money.!The rest is stored here,When will you use it, come here.!remember!They are all yours!Who do you love?!Understand what I mean??”
Now Zheng Yao first and organization,But he believes that we can,The money here is less than,Give Qi Rui to pay to the special views。
“Six brother!I understand what you mean.!”
“Ritual!Just now, I’m talking to my boss because Fu Ying Xue fled very angry.,He has sent an old two Shen Hongzhang to investigate this matter.!”Zheng Yao reminded,
“clear!I have been monitoring the firm!Until you come to me!”
“Um!This is a few spy activity records!You look!If someone asks you,You will follow this.!The focus is not to make a mistake.!”Zheng Yao gave it a small book。
Qi Rui took a small book and then admired the kite’s comrades,This small one goes out of the four spies.,A few comments,Whereast,See whoever remembers that it is clear,I wonder why no one stared at these spies.,It turned out that the six brothers took them to replace themselves.。
Waiting for Xu Baichuan to the firm,Three people bring documents and part of the money to return to the specialist office,Zheng Yao took Qi Rui directly to see the Director to describe it in detail before and after the action.。
“You just said that one of them is Mount Fuji.?”Wear a surprise question,
“Ordered!Watanabe Yamaro let the village undergoing the tree to hand over these two important information to the nicker of Mount Fuji!After that, we grab two!One of them should be Mount Fuji!”Ritual,
“Fuji Mountain is a very famous spy, a navigatory!It’s just that he is fine.!”
“Is he tried not to know?!”Zheng Yao said first,
“Old six!For the safe safety,These spies must hurry to interrogate,Then secretly execute!Never leave a living port!”
“correct!Old six!Are you not prepared to let Qi Rui accept special training??”On the first day, I will carry out such an important action.,I feel that Zheng Yao is very like this.,At the very least, you should also let the rules of his school.。
“boss!I personally send him to special young training camp tomorrow.!And the identity has also given him a good idea.!”Zheng Yao first said,
“Um!Do you want to learn!The practice must also be practiced!”
chapter Ten Special young training camp
the next day,Zheng Yao first drove in the morning and opened a rumor of Jinling Zhonghuamen.。