At this time, Ding Road is constantly investigated.,Things have also made a deep progress,He feels this is a case,If a lot of people will be involved in the case,At first, he still hesitated.。

But after the wife is ever.,Daughter-in-law, unswervingly supports his eyes,The words,Let him do this bold decision。
Uncomfortable,He is also ready to be alone this time.。
Just when he is ready to go out,Zheng Tiancheng’s phone is also hitting。
“Ding Da Ge,We already have major discovery but need your support.。”
I heard the words of Zheng Tiancheng in the phone.,Ding Road, no saying that directly police。
At the same time, it is also a place to play the Tie Wall.,It is very clear that the room of the iron welcoming spring has been turned over.。
Li Hui Feng see a somewhat scattered diary in the corner,Najuan’s fountain pen word made him instinctively。
Today, my parents have gone., Big, they all compete for raising me with your brother.,Feel them well。
Today is my thirtieth day I came to my brother.,I heard the drunk drunkenness.,I now know that they have to compete for raising, we are for parents’ compensation。
Brother is sick,I am going to gave your brother.,The younger brother is burning.,But Dabo is hurting,Daba said that the younger brother died,Nor。
Three days,The brother’s fever has not retired,Why are they so heartless??
Don’t you say that blood is full of water??
The younger brother fell.,But I found that my brother’s eyes see someone eloquent.。
Come to the big man for a year,Today is the Spring Festival,I envy they all have new clothes.,There is still a year of money。
Today, the big brother is again.,I can’t let your brother continue to be bullied like this.。
I took my brother to go home.,Back to our home,Just no mom and dad,But I believe that I will definitely with your brother.。
Today, the school said that it is not a fool.,My brother is not stupid,Not stupid at all,He just didn’t talk。
This year,I twenty,Younger brother,Many people come to the media,But no one is willing to accept your brother.,I have to have my brother to have a better life.。
Finally found a job,But they said that I am in the countryside.,Can only sanitary,Work on a plate,But I am very happy.,Big city is bustling,I can finally have a place with your brother.。
The younger brother is bullying today.,I hate.,Hate you can’t protect your brother。
The younger brother beaten again,I want to take my brother to leave here.。
Chu Qiang said to protect your brother,Can let your brother live a good day,As long as I can tell him,Looking at the younger brother,I don’t want your brother to be bullied.,I am such a loved one. Very painful,Hurt,But for your younger brother,I have to endure this.,Chu Qiang finally fed.,Look at his appearance,I as if I saw the shadow of your brother.。
Is this a love??
Rude,But I saw your brother really told him.,I really don’t be bullied.,I can endure this,As long as your brother is。
The younger brother is obviously fat in this month.,I feel that life has a power,There is a power of continuing efforts。
Today, Chu Qiang let me go with the boss,He is my man,I just want him to belong to him.,But he dragged me,Hit me,Let me take the old man,I do not want to go,But he takes you a brother.。
I am afraid of it.,I am afraid that your brother is hurt.。
again and again,I don’t know how many guests have slept with how many guests are arranged.,Today I know Chu Qiang actually fifteen,I always thought that he had to get twenty.。
The younger brother is arranged to brush the toilet.,I found it Chu Qiang.,But Chu Qiang, but I called me.。
He said that I am a rural village.,Fundamental can’t be in the city,Say I will not dress up,I will not discuss the happiness of those bosses.。
Today Hu Laowa brought several sisters play together,I don’t want to do it.,They pierced my nails with bamboo sticks.,I would rather die, I don’t want to continue so.,I feel like I have said.,I am a play in their eyes.,Even a female dog is not as good as。
I really want to die.,But I think of your younger brother.,I can’t die.,I want to take my brother away here.。
Three days,These three younger brother must miss me very much.?
Be sure。
But these three days of Chu Qiang they regard me as a play,Linger,There is also a deep water bomb gameplay,I don’t feel that I am alive.。
I feel that I am enough.。