Finally took a vacation,Xia Jian slept till nine o’clock in the morning.,Later, Zhao Hong grabbed his ears and pulled him up。

“Damn!Will you let me sleep a little longer?A total of seven points off,Don’t even think about sleeping well in the new year。These three days are over,Ready to go to work immediately,Really exhausted“Xia Jian was wearing clothes,Whispered。
Zhao Hong sighed and said:“Today is the twenty-ninth Chinese New Year,Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve。You are still the head of Xiping Village anyway,I don’t care about things。But you have to hold the year-end summary meeting!And Zhang Yangcun,People don’t call you,You don’t care?“
Zhao Hong’s two words really remind Xia Jian,He is busy getting dressed。Face wash,And Zhao Hong squeezed all toothpaste。Xia Jian suddenly felt happy。
When he and Zhao Hong came to the village committee,Several cadres in the village are all there,It seems everyone knows that Xia Jian will hold a year-end summary meeting。To be honest,Xia Jian doesn’t know anything about the village,Fortunately, Zhao Hong is here,He doesn’t have to worry about this meeting。
Finally, under Zhao Hong’s instruction,Xia Jian praised outstanding cadres,And gave them a year-end award。Of course,The year-end bonus in Xiping Village is not low。
Get it here in Xiping Village,Xia Jian drove to Zhangyang Village again。his appearance,Ma Chuntao who is busy is both surprised and happy。
First1501chapter Bizarre scandal
“Oh, mayor Xia!Afraid of you busy,Didn’t alarm you。Since you are here,Let’s have a year-end summary meeting!”Ma Chuntao said with a smile。
Xia Jian sat on the sofa and said:“Hurry up and notify everyone to come to the meeting,Today is the twenty-ninth of the twelfth lunar month,If it’s late, this meeting won’t be good again“
“Actually, I’m already ready,As long as you sit down“Ma Chuntao said,And turned on Murakami’s radio。She yelled a few words in a pleasant voice,And then turn off the broadcast,Then I remembered making Xia Jian tea。
Xia Jian has been to Zhangyang Village for a while,The changes here are quite big。Although the village committee is still the original old house,But the layout of the house has changed drastically。Office desk and chair,File cabinets,And sofa and coffee table,All new。What surprised Xia Jian,There is also a brand new computer on Ma Chuntao’s desk。
“nice!Shotgun changed,All the computers are used?“Xia Jian couldn’t help but said with a smile。
Ma Chuntao smiled sweetly and said:“Too much business,Without a computer, manual efficiency is too bad,Or this computer is convenient for office work。In order to give the villagers a bonus at the end of the year,So many things are endured。I planned it,Next August,We must live in the new office building,The scale is absolutely the same as that of Xiping Village“