Summer show tiger leopard thunder,At the same time, try to integrate into Taiji nine steps。
Shaping,A http://www.jllongda.cnstep in a rock,Then after the soul,Reach a balance,Mood,A pedestal。
In summer, I feel that my body’s distance is running.。
As if there is a huge force to drive behind。
咻,畔 畔 畔 畔。
Step across,He actually appears in a very far distance。
Expected effect,Be uncomfortable,Summer whole person hits the wall of a hill。
Leave a human pit。
Hilly earth and stone naturally can’t hurt in summer,But he is a bit。
I took the dust on my body.,I hope to go back。
Look down,Rao is summer experienced big wind waves,I can’t help but shock at this moment.。
Just step by step,Actually across hundreds of feet。
“this……what happened?”
He is wrong,In the same place,Eyelid,Detakement、Feeling、Deduce。
The face is in confusion,Sometimes,Happiness。
for a long time。
He suddenly laughed,“Ha ha ha ha……I see!” Tiger leopard thunder,Originally, eight large-scale creations in the polar roads.。
And this is too nine step,Affiliate,Both this will have contacts in meditation。 Summer Linggua Flash,Only have a wonderful scene。
If it is continuing to deduce,So,Too nine steps can not only be used to enhance martial arts。
Used on the road,Similarly, there is an incredible speed。
The road line is not better than the Chinese,The law here is a few times.,Bonded。
In the summer, I tried privately.,Even if I fly the sky,I can’t fly at all。
it’s here,If there is no Tong Tianjing,Life and bit are not evolved to that level,It is difficult to rush。
This makes it used to habitual summer.,Occasionally depressed。
after all,Speed is one of his strengths and topics。
He is like a fond of a flying sky,Suddenly folded wings,Can only jump on the ground。
And now……speed,I returned to my side between accidents.。