Love in the cyber world

Love in the cyber world

Yu Long is a boy I met in the chat room, and he knows me, a stranger girl named Shangguan Xiaoxian, playing a happy role online.

  The stories on the Internet often give people a real feeling. Maybe it is this kind of illusion that allows me to knock out those words that seem to have a touch of love in front of the cold screen.

  In real life, I have become numb to love, and the pain of the past has gone deep into the pyramid.

  On Yulong, what I felt was also the sadness, the kind of sadness I once felt strongly!

  Yu Long said that love is bitter, and whoever loves it is bound to suffer.

  Looking at the flashing Chinese character, my heart tightened.

I’ll never forget that kind of suffering.

  I asked him, do we have a similar past?

  He said that the past is not important, what is important is the present and the future.

  Are you seriously injured?

I tempted him.

  He was silent for a while, opened the topic and asked what kind of boy I liked.

  In fact, I answered his words are true, but on the Internet, this truth has been diluted.

  After thinking about it, I told him that first of all, that person must be mature, and this maturity should be psychological, and also have a heart that loves me, and can tolerate everything.

  This time he was silent for a long time, and then said: Xiaoxian, you are a girl waiting for love.

  I’m dumb.

Could he really feel my presence without meeting him a thousand miles away?

A girl who longs for love and fears hurt.

  Hurry off the line, I cried for that distant understanding.

Opening the address book, Yulong’s phone has been there for a long time, but has been afraid to call, afraid of being helpless or disappointed?

  After thinking about it, take a second heart.

Regarding him, if he is offline, it is fate. I believe in fate more.

  Dialed by number, it turned out.

The Yulong on the phone was clear, completely missing everything I was familiar with.

I always think that the wound induction should be low, magnetic, and a little hypnotic.

  Suddenly, I felt deceived.


He was hesitant on the phone.

  So I was relieved again.

Perhaps his sadness on the Internet is exactly what he does not want to point out to others?

Ha, how can a Shangguan Xiaoxian He Dehao win his trust so easily and share his secrets? Is there any reason to blame him for being imperfect?

Not to mention, am I happy as in the internet?

  In the days that followed, we still met online every day for a few hours.

I just stopped talking on the phone and I was afraid of destroying something.

  Yu Long is no longer just the hero in the tragic story.

The other side of him is tenderness, romance, passion, humor, and talent.

It’s just the occasional sorrow that always makes my heart beat.  One night when the power went out, when I went madly on a bicycle to find Internet cafes all over the world, I finally realized that I fell in love with a prince in an unreal country.

  In this country, I can release all my love unscrupulously and unreservedly; I can cry when I want to cry, laugh when I want to laugh, and they call it rashness.

But am I still the real me?

The princess Shangguan Xiaoxian in the illusory kingdom was so tired of falling in love with the prince named Yulong.

  Since then, the message of love revealed under his fingertips has become stronger. When he saw him and other girls chatting, he was jealous, and occasionally he flirted with him and said a few words.

  I promised him that he would do everything for him on the Internet that could not be done in real life.

I smirked after issuing this one and thought he would be moved.

Sure enough, he said he was moved.

And after this sentence he said that in real life he treats me a little better.

  My smile was frozen on the pick.

Does he feel the same way as I do?

I know very well that the chance of meeting him is very small, but I can’t help but choose this hopeless addiction.

  Every night, I meet Yulong in the online world where cats and mice coexist. It can be said that we have a love relationship in the literal sense, but we have given each other trust and endurance.

The Internet gives us many plausible hallucinations, replacing virtual reality with reality. The inconsistency is that we can actually distinguish closeness and distance from those cold characters, just like facing real people.

I’m scared, I don’t want a stranger to see all of me.

  are you still there?

Yu Long was anxious.

  Finally, I left a sentence: I don’t know who the girl who has hurt you is, but I believe that she will remember everything you had with tears in a long time.

  Since then, Shangguan Xiaoxian never appeared in the chat room again. She disappeared into the sky of the Internet like air. Later, I went in under another name, and I saw Yu Long swiping the screen with a sentence, althoughHe has always been shameless.

  Xiaoxian, where are you?

do you know?

I love you!

  . Turn off the computer and my tears tell me that the girl who remembers everything with tears is actually me.