Dalian Petrochemical Company implements the party building work leads high quality development

  In recent years, Dalian Petrochemical Company has given full play to the role of the party organization "put the direction, management overall situation, and implement" to ensure that the party’s route policy is implemented in the company. The company’s party committee has further standardized the grassroots party construction standards with the "one book and one picture". The company’s party committee organized the party group, the party construction ideas seminars, carried out party construction supervision, party building responsibility system inspection, and incorporating the party construction responsibility system assessment results into cadre assessment, performance assessment, and strengthen the party’s construction, compare the party’s responsibility .

  At the same time, the company’s party committee created activities through the "four good" team, the annual leadership team democratic life meeting, enhanced leadership team cohesiveness; through the improvement of cadres assessment evaluation mechanism, strengthen the construction of cadres, continue to promote the universalization of cadres, and enhance party members and cadres; Carry out the topic education, open day activities, reshape the company’s good image, improve the combat power of the employee; , Promote the company’s high quality development.

  The party committee of Dalian Petrochemical Company will lead high quality development with high-quality party construction, comprehensively built inherent safety enterprises, struggling to create a new situation in the world’s first-class refining enterprises. +1.