TCM sees 6 common autumn diseases

TCM sees 6 common autumn diseases

The summer is hot and the autumn cools down. As the weather cools down, the breath of autumn is getting stronger and stronger. Traditional Chinese medicine says that 6 diseases should be prevented in autumn!

  Arthritis enters autumn, and the complication of summer heat and transpiration is transpiration, and once again chill strikes people, it is easy to cause joint pain of cold and dampness.

Therefore, patients should pay attention to cold protection and warmth, especially after profuse sweating, they should not immediately contact cold water or bathe in cold water.

For those who have a history of arthropod disease, medicinal meals such as stewed sea breeze rattan and papaya egg wine can be selected to relieve wind and collaterals, dampen pain and relieve pain, and also use angelica, chicken blood rattan, cinnamon stick, eucommia and other decoction soup baths to preventArthralgia has an active therapeutic effect.

  Skin infections In autumn, the skin is easily bitten by pathogenic parasites and mosquitoes. It appears red, swollen, and itchy. After scratching, it can be followed by bacterial infection and impetigo (rash).

Therefore, do not scratch after being bitten by mosquitoes, apply wind oil essence, cool oil to reduce swelling and stop itching.

  The fall of tracheitis is a period of high incidence of chronic tracheitis. It is more sensitive to climate changes, and has poor adaptability, and is prone to be affected by upper respiratory infections. Therefore, we should actively treat the characteristics of recurrent tracheitis and unhealing.

Withered grass leaves fall in the autumn, and sensations in the air overlap, which is also one of the causes of bronchitis.

Avoid contact with allergens.

In addition, good emotional energy enhances the body’s immunity and resistance. It is also necessary to pay attention to improving the living environment. The air must be circulated and there is no smoke and pollution.

  In the autumn season of pneumonia and autumn dryness, autumn dryness occurs due to the decrease in humidity, and the most harmful part of the autumnal body is the lungs, which is characterized by dry throat, dry mouth, rhinitis, itching, and constipation.

Therefore, we should actively strengthen exercise to enhance lung function and prevent the occurrence of pneumonia.

Regulating diet is also a positive factor. You should eat less spicy foods and eat more foods that nourish yin and lungs, such as pears and radishes.

  The cold autumn climate is hot and cold, which is a season of colds and colds.

Therefore, it is necessary to follow the rule of “cold-resistant exercise from the beginning of autumn”, and pay attention to changing clothes in time with the change of the weather. Physical exercise is also very helpful to enhance physical fitness and reduce colds.

  Gastric disease recurrence Every autumn, the human body is stimulated by cold air, histidine in the blood increases, gastric acid secretion increases, and recurrent contraction is prone to occur. This is due to its own resistance and decreased adaptability to the climate.

In addition, as the climate turns cooler, people’s appetite will be stronger, which will increase the burden of chronic functions and lead to the recurrence of gastric disease.

In addition to keeping warm, these patients take physical exercise to improve the blood circulation of the insulin pathway and reduce the chance of onset. They should also pay attention to being reasonable and reasonable, eating less frequently, quantifying regularly, and quitting smoking and alcohol to enhance their adaptability in the body.