Ten things to do in the workplace in 2008

Ten things to do in the workplace in 2008

One of the things to do: Set up an annual target The newly released 2006 Blue Book of Talents of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences shows that 70% of urbanites are on the verge of “overwork and death”.

Experts believe that if intellectuals no longer pay attention to adjusting sub-health status, in the near future, two-thirds of these people will die of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and only one-tenth of them will hope to enjoy life forever.

  Expert tips: The working hours of a large number of white-collar workers are developing from “nine to five nights” to “nine to nine nights”.

Therefore, in 2008, the first task we set for ourselves was to give ourselves a chance to exercise.

Starting today, you may wish to climb the stairs consciously or climb the mountain on weekends. This is a simple exercise. In fact, as long as you persist, you will have good results.

  Two things to do: Plan a fitness plan Many people have an ideal career development plan.

But when you analyze the plan carefully, you often find that the goals are too beautiful and will not be achieved in a short while.

In fact, if your career development can be sustained, you need to make a result in your job position. It is important that you have your own short-term goals and work hard to help you achieve these goals.

  Expert Tips: Career experts recruited by Zhilian suggest that career goals should be divided into long-term goals and short-term goals. This is now mainly referred to short-term goals, so it is important to pay attention to determining the operability of these goals, and these goals must beIt must be the breakdown of your long-term goals and the necessary and sufficient conditions for you to achieve your long-term goals.

  The third thing to do: learn a skill to be accurate. If you are not a skilled person, if you are not a core employee of the company, then you need to work hard in 2008 to prove your role in the company with actual results.

  Expert support: Professional experts recruited by Zhilian believe that it is a rational choice to find employment in emerging industries.

For example, in recent years, the pet economy has received attention.

According to statistics, Beijingers spend 20 million pets a year and Shanghaiers spend up to 600 million yuan on pets each year.

With the continuous expansion of the pet market, pet breeding, pet services, pet medical, etc. are forming a huge industry chain for the pet economy, and making money for kittens and puppies will become a new service direction.

  Four things to do: choose the right industry once you change jobs. If you can’t get the opportunity to raise your salary in this unit, there is no sign of promotion, and you’ll be mixed up day after day and you have no passion for work.

Then please change jobs, because after you change jobs, you go to a brand new environment, the freshness will stimulate you to work seriously and make your work status adjusted.

  Expert Tips: Before deciding whether to change jobs, you must first position yourself.

The first is to choose the right job-hopping industry.

Local financial analysts who are familiar with international practices, convention designers, etc. will be sought after.

  Five things to do: test a certificate to increase your value “I am not enough at this level in foreign languages!

“I often hear people say that they refuse to work in foreign companies. Colleagues, company bosses, and even negotiating customers are all kinds of foreigners. China’s accession to the WTO promises the full opening of the financial industry, and the world’s major foreign financial institutions flock.

  Expert support: Zhilian recruits professional experts, saying that the level of English proficiency has a significant impact on salary, and the improvement of foreign language skills makes the salary more competitive.

In addition to translation, the five positions most closely related to English language skills are financing specialists, foreign exchange supervisors, letter of credit settlement, lawyers’ legal affairs and consulting.

The salaries of those who are proficient in foreign languages have increased by nearly 2,000 yuan this year compared with the same period last year.

There are too many certificates that can prove your foreign language proficiency, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, Cambridge Business English Certificate, etc.

  Six things to do: Do an assessment to evaluate a pay rise or you have been employed for a year or two, but your salary has not risen with the increase in qualifications; maybe you want the boss to give you a raise, but the boss confirmed that you are not worthPrice, don’t worry, the task in 2008 is to prove that you have been worth more.

And the more you complement your current salary and your real value, the more you should ask for.

  Expert Tips: China Talent Network Talent Research Center experts said that you must first evaluate your true value, and then take some time to increase your value before you ask for a pay increase-only then can you find a valid reason for asking for a pay increase.

  Seven things you must do: Wait for an opportunity to be promoted with one action. You are fortunate enough to have entered a large company. You deeply realize that it is “the palace gate looks like the sea.”

I worked hard to find a manager and checked the company’s structure table. Even my boss was seven steps away from the highest position.

How can you make your boss discover that you are a rare talent and reuse you?

  Expert Tips: Han Sanqi, a well-known psychological counseling expert, said, first, we must understand the culture of the company.

Second, voluntarily undertake difficult tasks.

Third, establish good interpersonal relationships.

Fourth, propose solutions to problems.

This last point is often the most effective.

You must always observe what is happening in the department company with the eyes of the manager, summarize the problems found in time, and make management recommendations to the company leaders.

  Eighth things to do: Understand a reason to read this book. If you have mastered a certain skill, and your foreign language communication skills are good, and you are a key employee of the company, congratulations, you have entered a stable period of professional development.But dangers will follow, and you will have a sense of professional boredom.

  Expert Tips: Zhilian recruits professional experts to suggest that you read a book called “Do Your Best.”

To do a good job is almost a consistent requirement of excellent workers for themselves, and not all workers can recognize this requirement.

It takes more time and income to be good, but salaries and income are probably not better than others for the time being.

  Nine things to do: When the boss feels the pulse in the new year, he doesn’t want to look at the boss’s face again, and it is better to work for others than to be the boss himself.

In order to start a business, we must first pinpoint the “pulse” of the market. In fact, the current field of entrepreneurship is constantly expanding, involving communications, information, service, retail, education and training, wireless communications, and online games., Creative design, etc., it also brings many business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

  Expert Tips: Ren Zhanzhong, director of Beijing University Student Employment Home, said that entrepreneurship requires a lot of resources. Among them, entrepreneurship has high requirements for people’s psychological tolerance and ability to resist setbacks.

His entrepreneurship is based on his own industry accumulation. An excellent entrepreneur, in addition to the pressure and ability to bear risks, must have good customer resources, accurate market judgment, and alternative financial support.

It is recommended that those who have a desire to start a business often go to start-up forums like Huacai Technology and other platforms to provide a lot of opportunities and funds on these platforms.

  Ten things to do: study abroad and participate in the competition once. If your career development has suffered a serious setback, or you want to work in another industry, but it is difficult to enter.

At this time you can help yourself realize your wish by reading.

You can use study abroad as a springboard to add new career talents to you.

A survey shows that when Fortune 500 companies recruit employees with mid-level or higher positions, whether they have foreign study, living, and work experience has become a basic principle.

  Expert Tips: Qu Min, East Asia Regional Director of the City University of London, said that studying abroad is an opportunity for you to open another door to yourself.

The actual experience of studying abroad will make you change from the inside out.

Now in China, there are more and more people who work for a few years before going to school. These people know where their learning goals are?

Moreover, many Chinese students have stopped using those established and popular countries as study destinations.

And it is also unique in its profession.

In addition, we must fully understand the added value of education, and choose a university that can provide good employment services.